Thursday, May 5, 2011

Adding & Changing Favorite Combos

I've been thinking a lot about my favorite combos and I've been wanting to add two more combos bringing each list up to 12 combos.
You can find my favorite combos in the page tabs above.

Your opinions are much appreciated!

Girls First Names:
  • Jane - I currently have Jane Sophia on my list but I've been loving Sophia as a first name lately and want to seperate it from Jane. So I'm looking for a new middle name for Jane. What do you think of Jane Margot, Jane Margaret, Jane Evelyn (or should I spell it EveLynn because that's how I pronounce it?)
  • Sophia - I just love how beautiful Sophia is and want to give it a special place on my favorites list. What do you think of Sophia Lisette? Or maybe Sophia Margot, Sophia Evelyn or Sophia Isolde?
  • Phoebe - I've always loved Phoebe and want it back on my favorite combos list. What do you think about Phoebe Isolde, Phoebe Evelyn or Phoebe Margot?
Here's names I'd like to use as middle names: Catherine, Evelyn (or is EveLynn better?), Isolde, Lisette, Margaret, Margot. Any other combo suggestions using first names above?

What about Evelyn? I love this name but I always pronounce it like eve-lin instead of the common ev-uh-lin. So I'm wondering if I was to use it should I spell it Evelyn and pronounce it how I want to or should I spell it Evelynn, EveLynn or Eve-Lynn?

Boys Combos:
  • Jonathan Garrett - I've been loving both of these names and thought they sounded rather nice together. What do you think? Or do you think Jonathan Rhys and Garret Matthias / Matthias Garrett works better?
  • Emmett Humphrey - I love Emmett as a first name lately. And I'm liking Humphrey more and more lately but think it works better as a middle name.
  • Also what do you think of Ian Kenneth? Is it better than Jack Kenneth?

I know, lots of questions but I'd love hear your thoughts on all of these things!

Thanks so much!
Miss Laurie 

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Tristans_Isolde said...

Girls Names:

1. Love Jane, I really like Jane Margaret, i've never thought of it as a combination before but I love it! Jane Evelyn/EveLynn is nice too, I really like Evelyn as a first name! I like the look of Evelyn but I think if you like it pronounced eve-lin its better to spell it EveLynn (which is still very pretty)

2. Sophia is one of my favourite names! I love Sophia Isolde, thats absolutely gorgeous (two of my fav names)! I really like these combos too: Sophia Louise, Sophia Claire and Sophia Marie

3. Phoebe is soooo cute. I like Phoebe Evelyn. Also Phoebe Catherine and I once heard Phoebe Elizabeth which I thought was really nice!

Boys Names:

1. Jonathan Garrett is great! I am a big fan of Jonathan in the bible so I LOVE this name! Garrett compliments it so well! I really like Jonathan Rhys too but it always makes me think of the actor (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) - I don't know if thats a good or bad thing :) and i think i prefer Garrett Matthias- very cute!

2. Emmett Humphrey! I really like it, its unusual and unique but not crazy.

3. I'm not that keen on Ian Kenneth, most likely because Ian is so common, I do like a lot of the variations of Ian I love Jack but I definitely think Kenneth goes better with Ian. But Jack is such a lovely name!

Thanks for the great post!