My Family Tree Names

A lot of the name I love come directly from my family tree. I have a great love for genealogy and I've traced my paternal grandmother's family all the way back to the 1400's in England. Many were Quakers and used names from the Old Testament that I really enjoy!

A - Adam Adolph Albert Allen Alonzo Alverne Andrew Andy Arthur August
Alexander (middle name) Almeda Alyssa Amanda Amelia Amey Amy Anna Anne April Aurilla

B - Benjamin Bertrand Brayton Bruce Byron
Barbara Beatrix Belle Bertha Bethany Betty Brittany

C - Carl Cecil Charles Christopher Colin Curtis
Cara Carrie Christine Clayton (middle name) Comfort Crystal

D - Dashwood (middle name) David Dick Douglas
Deanna Dorothy

E - Earl Edward Edwin Ellis Elmer Ephraim Esek Eugene
Edith Elizabeth Ellen Elsa Elsie Erin Evelyn

F -
Flora Florence Frances

G - Gardiner Garfield George Gustave
Genevieve Gertrude

H - Harley Harold Henry Herbert Herman Holden Hosea
Hannah Harriet Hattie Heather Helen Hope

I - Ichabod Irving Isaiah
Ida Ireane Irene

J - James Job John Jordan Joseph Joshua
Jane Jean Jeanette Jennifer Joyce Judith Julia

K - Kenneth
Kassondra Kirsten

L - Landen Larkin Laurence
Laurie Leah Lee LeLae Lena Lenore Lissie Lizzie Lois Lorretta Louise Lucy Luella Lydia

M - Mail Marc Mial Michael
Mae Margaret Margurite Marie Marilyn Marion Marjorie Martha Mary Maryette Meaghan Mehitable Mercy Merrilly Michelle Monique

N - Nathan Nathaniel Nicholas Norman

O - Oscar

P - Pearl Pierce
Pearl Persis Phebe

Q -

R - Reginald Richard Roger Ron Ryan
Rachel Rose Ruth

S - Samuel Solomon Stephen
Sally Samantha Sarah Suzanne Stone (middle name) Sybil

T - Thomas Timothy Tyler

U -

V -

W - Walter Welcome Wilbur Wilfred Willard William
Wilbur (middle name) Wilhelmina

X -

Y -

Z -

Surnames - Beard Bowen Bruce Buffington Bullock Bussman Cady Carney Coney Crapo Davis Eames Freelove Geer Heardon (or Herendeen) Holbrook Hollenbeck Hopkins Johnson Kimball Lawton Low Martin Matthews Michael Munroe Myers Parks Pearce (also Percy, Pers, Pierce) Place Round Scranton Shippee Silcox Stone Tarbox Vanderpool Whitaker Williams