Friday, May 20, 2011

Vote In My Name Polls

I just created two polls on the sidebar for you all to vote in. I randomly generated combos at Baby Name Genie and picked the nicest names. Vote for all that you like and let me know which ones you voted for and why.

I voted for these:

Margaret Annette - love Margaret and Annette is interesting
Rachel Genevieve - I rather like these name together but would prefer Genevieve Rachel
Tabitha Hope - love this combo, it's so sweet!
Evelyn Hannah - rather nice but Hannah is quite popular
Annika Claire - very pretty
Cassandra Morgan - love Cassandra, Morgan is okay but not the best with first name Cassandra

Sullivan Elias - like this quite a bit
Craig Roland - I'm like the name Craig more and more, Roland is okay but rather old sounding
Asa Ethan - love Asa and Ethan is okay as a middle name
Bronson James - like the flow of this combo
Noah Emmett - love Emmett and Noah is cute
Porter Trenton - both names are interesting, I like Trent better than Trenton

Just a bit of fun. The polls will be up for a week and then I'll post the results. So vote away!

Very Truly Your's,
Miss Laurie

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