Sunday, May 29, 2011

Name The Family Game

We often play this game over at Behind the Name so I thought I'd make one here for my readers to enjoy trying their hand at.

Use the rules given to provide a first name (fn) and a middle name (mn). Enjoy!

Husband: fn - Irish, mn - begins with letter J
Wife: fn - Biblical, mn - starts with R

Daughter 1:  fn - long feminine sounding name, mn - flower name
Daughter 2: fn - starts with letter L, mn - virtue name
Son 1: fn - Welsh name, mn - strong masculine sounding name
Son 2: fn - Biblical name, mn - Irish name
Daughter 3: fn - French name, mn - form/related to Elizabeth
Son 3: fn - starts with letter R, mn - related to or similar sound as father's fn

Hope you have fun doing this. If you're interested in playing more name game like these let me know and I'll post more! :)

~Miss Laurie
Your Resident Name Enthusiast


Tristans_Isolde said...

I loved doing this game! It was so fun :)I would love it if you posted more. Here is what I came up with:

Husband: Eoghan James

Wife: Elizabeth Rosamund

Daughter 1: Catarina Rose

Daughter 2: Lucienne Verity

Son 1: Ioan Nathaniel

Son 2: Jonathan Faolan

Daughter 3: Amelie Elspeth

Son 3: Riordan Ewan

So thats Eoghan and Elizabeth and their children Catarina, Lucienne, Ioan, Jonathan, Amelie and Riordan :)

Miss Laurie said...

Love what you came up with an glad you had so much fun!
I really like Ioan Nathaniel! Catarina Rose is also so pretty!

I'll have to post some more games. What do you think about a bit of Name Trivia Game? That's my favorite game to post and to play. I'd do some easy questions first.

~Miss Laurie :)

Tristans_Isolde said...

Thanks, the name Ioan is really growing on me lately and Nathaniel has been a favourite since I was young. Catarina is my sister's name :)

I have never played a Name Trivia Game, well I don't think I have :) But I am sure I would love it because I enjoy everything you post on this blog :)