Sunday, November 2, 2008



Above is a photo of my little second cousin Adelaide. It surpised me very much when my cousin used this name for his first child because it's elegance is in great contrast to the names of other cousins and even his own name and sibling's names which tend toward the trendy and popular.

I had recently started to love the name Adelaide when I found out my cousin had used it. Not too much to say about the name, it's sweet and elegant and really underused. I think it will gain more popularity as older names keep coming out of the woodwork!

I've recently been liking Adelaide when paired with Celia or other C names. Adelaide Cecilia is very appealing to me at the moment. Adelaide Mary or Mary Adelaide is also lovely.

Do you know anyone named Adelaide or even Adeline? What are your impressions of the name? Any nickname needed or fine on it's own? What about Adelaide Cecilia?