Name Links

I have many favorite sites where I go for info on names and their origins. Have fun taking a look at these lovely name sites!

  • Behind the Name - My favorite name site with the most extensive name database online. Search any name for info the history, origin, usages and meanings of almost any name you can think of! And if you can't find it in their database you can always post on their Name Facts Board asking other (including experts) about info on any name. I regularly post and play name games on the Name Games Board and the Opinions Board is lots of fun. They also have lists of various name themes and lists of names by origin. If sign-up for a free account you can also create a personal favorites name list of your own!
  • - If you're looking for names similar to your favorites check out Nymbler. Type in any name you want and the machine will generate  similar names. You can also make a list of your favorites and get info on names in their database.
  • LadyBug's Names - My own site of name lists. I do have a great lists of Nature, Virtue and Word names as well as lists of my favorites throughout the years.
  • Alfabette Zoope ~ A site with many lists of unique names and other interesting things listed A to Z!

    Think Baby Names ~ Find names three different ways: search, browse by meanings, or browse by popularity.

    Wedding Vendors ~ Strangely enough this wedding vendors has a Baby Name Dictionary for your viewing pleasure. They have a lot of good information.

    Name Playground - Search for names and lists of names.

    NamePedia ~ Like a Wikipedia only for names!

    Greek Gods ~ A guide to the names of all the Greek gods and goddesses.

    Minor Greek Goddesses ~ Names of many of the ancient Greek goddesses listed alphabetically.

    Hippy Names ~ From flowers, to virtues, philosophers and "far out" names. Here's a site with names for your little flower child.

    Names Inspired By Nature ~ flowers, plants, trees, animals you name it find it here.

    Names from Shakespeare ~ Names from every Shakespeare play, listed alphabetically and telling what play or sonnet they are from. 
  • Middle Names ~ Tiered of boring "filler" type middle names and want something different and spectacular? Check out this page from Name Nerds for new ideas!

    Name for my Baby ~ Just enter all of your favorite first names and middle names and this unique generator will come up with combos that you can save if you like and use if you love! 
  • Behind the Surname ~ Behind the Name's sister site dedicated to the meanings and origins of surnames or last names.

    Last Names ~ A dictionary of meanings and origins of various last names. ~ Find information about your surname weather it's the meaning, place of origin, war records, or occupations of people with the same surname and perhaps your ancestors. 
  • BtN Random Name Generator ~ Behind the Name's own name generator using the names and origin of name in their database come up with new name you'd never thought of before.

    Serendipity ~ Generators for naming everything including people, story characters, places, and sites. 
  • The Hobbit Name Generator ~ Want to know what your name would be if you were a hobbit? Try here. Also try The Elvish Name Generator to find out what your Elvish name is.

    Baby Name Genie ~ Generates mostly popular names but some of the combos are cute and the comments are always funny.

    Random Renamer ~ At this tool is very fun though sometimes comes up with the strangest combos.

    Dad Cafe Name Generator ~ Just enter your surname and this generator with bring up names for boys, girls, or gender neutral babies!

    Jedi Name Generator ~ Ever wonder what your name would be if you lived in Star Wars galaxy and fought the enemy with your light saber?

    Baby Names, etc. ~ Take a fun pop quiz to find out what kind of names suit your style.

    Baby Name Scrambler ~ Enter the parent's names and this nifty scrambler will give you a list of names made up from letters in the parent's names.