Sunday, April 24, 2011

This or That Names

Happy Easter everyone!

A few days ago I posted the names below in a This Or That? game on Behind the Name's game board. The idea of this game is to post which is your favorite middle name for each first name. I always enjoy seeing which combos are people's favorites and hearing their opinions on the flow/sound of a name combo.

So if you're reading this I'd love for you to comment and let me know which middle name you like best with each first name and why it's your favorite.

Girls Combos:

  1. Niobe Rose, Niobe Camille, Niobe Claire or Niobe Ruth?
  2. Nimue Elyse, Nimue Eve, Nimue Gisele or Nimue Corinne?
  3. Delyth Hope, Delyth Felicity, Delyth Morrigan or Delyth Isolde?
  4. Eluned Carys, Eluned Truth, Eluned Kate or Eluned Seren?
  5. Gwenda Camille, Gwenda Lucille, Gwenda Adeline or Gwenda Elaine?
  6. Lisette Sophia, Lisette Victoria, Lisette Aimee or Lisette Amelie?

Boys Combos:

  1. Colm Donovan, Colm Alexander, Colm Garrett or Colm Finley?
  2. Leith Killian, Leith Adrian, Leith William or Leith Anderson?
  3. Imre Julius, Imre Vaughn, Imre Gerard or Imre Thomas?
  4. Aloysius James, Aloysius Matteo, Aloysius George or Aloysius John?
  5. Jason Elijah, Jason Emrys, Jason Griffin or Jason Riley?
  6. Jonathan Maxwell, Jonathan Humphrey, Jonathan Rhys or Jonathan Sieffre?

Here are the most popular combos from when I posted these names of Behind the Name:

Girls Combos Winners:

  1. Niobe Claire - 10 votes
  2. Nimue Corinne - 12 votes
  3. Delyth Isolde - 11 votes
  4. Eluned Seren - 13 votes
  5. Gwenda Lucille - 11 votes
  6. Lisette Amelie - 16 votes
Boys Combos Winners:
  1. Colm Alexander - 18 votes
  2. Leith William - 13 votes
  3. Imre Vaughn - 10 votes
  4. Tie - Aloysius James & Aloysius Matteo - 10 votes each
  5. Jason Emrys - 15 votes
  6. Jonathan Rhys - 14 votes

Also I've really been liking Garrett, Humphrey and Emmet a lot lately and wonder what you think of these names? Do you think they are too old-fashioned sounding for a  little boy today's world? Do you think a boy with one of these names might get teased in school?

Thanks everyone and have a joyous Easter! 
Miss Laurie 


Annie said...

Hmm. For girls:
1. Niobe Claire, then Niobe Rose.
2. Nimue Elyse
3. Delyth Hope, then Delyth Isolde
4. Eluned Kate, then Eluned Truth
5. Gwenda Camille
6. Lisette Sophia

And for boys:
1. Colm Donovan
2. Leith William
3. Imre Julius
4. Aloysius James
5. Jason Elijah

6. Jonathan Humphrey

Tristans_Isolde said...

My favourites are:

1. Niobe Claire (so pretty)
2. Nimue Eve
3. Delyth Isolde however I love the name Felicity so that a close second :)
4. Eluned Seren (I love that)
5. Gwenda Adeline
6. Lisette Victoria (I love the look of Lisette Sophia but I'm not too sure on the flow)

1. Colm Garrett
2. Leith Anderson
3. Imre Gerard
4. Aloysius James (I absolutely LOVE this)
5. Jason Riley
6. Jonathan Rhys

I really like Garrett and Emmet, I don't think a boy would get teased with these two names- well at least in Aust because Ive heard variations on these names. However Humphrey is a kind of old-fashioned and I think a little boy may get teased but I do like it too so its a shame :(

Thanks for this lovely post!