Sunday, December 28, 2008

Reworking Girls Combos

Just reworking some of my girls combos that I'm dissatisfied with. Trying to decide on middle names for some of these:

  • Jocelyn - Jocelyn Opal, Jocelyn Ruth, Jocelyn Opal Ruth, Jocelyn Ruth Opal
  • Clara Jeanette - was Clara Rosemary, I adore Clara and Jeanette is after a favorite aunt of my mom's who I've been wanting to honor.
  • Jane Sophia Elinor - trying to decide how to pair these. I like Jane Elinor and Jane Sophia but I also really like Sophia Elinor so I'm thinking about Jane Sophia Elinor since I'm not sure I'd use Sophia as a first name but I adore Jane in that position.
  • Julia Rosemary - I used to love Julia Mary but I'm thinking it a bit plain and since I'm trying to get Rosemary away from Clara why not Julia Rosemary.
  • Cora Beatrix - I rather like Cora and I thought about Cora Jeanette but I've also been wanting to use Beatrix.
  • Mary Helena - I had Mary Adelaide but I changed Adelaide to a first name so I'm back to really liking Mary Helena (prn. heh-lay-nah).
  • Esme - I love the sweet sound of this name and am trying to keep some of the Scottish/Irish connections by using names with those origins: Esme Fiona, Esme Kathleen, Esme Caitriona, Esme Sorcha.
  • Maisie - I think this name is really cute and so I'm thinking Maisie Caroline or Maisie Violet.
  • Liliana - this is so beautiful and I rather like virtue names paired with it. Liliana Faith is pretty but plain and I like Liliana Grace better but I'm already using Grace as a first name. My friend Karis' parents made her name from the Greek word for 'grace' which is translated Charis most often. Liliana Karis is rather pretty but I'm still not quite sure or Liliana Charis.

Just some combos I'm working on. Some I've already changed are:
Sadie Emmeline
Adelaide Cecilia
Phyllis Evelyn "Lyss"
Annika Sage
Millicent Imogen "Millie"
Felicity Ann

WDYT? Any opinions or suggestions?


Thursday, December 18, 2008


I've been almost liking Phyllis lately since I've been using it regularly in my job with an elderly lady by that name. I also just recently watched an adaptation of 'The Railway Children' by E. Nesbit in which there is a young girl named Phyllis.

I've been struck by its similar sound to Phoebe which I adore. I also just looked up the meaning "foliage" and rather like it as autumn is my favorite season.

Taken all together I can't really make up my mind whether I like the name Phyllis or not. I used to think it so old sounding but now I'm starting to think it's not that bad, especially the combo Phyllis Evelyn.

So WDYTO Phyllis and Phyllis Evelyn? What are your opinions on the nn Phyl or Lis?