Saturday, October 3, 2009

Names I've Heard Recently

It's been quite a while since I last posted. But though I have dropped off posting I have not dropped off my enthusiasm for names!

Below are some of the names I've come into contact with over the summer and fall:

Two families I know:
one - Don & Lydia had their first daughter, Evelyn Amy (just too lovely for words!)
two - John & Alicia's new daughter Olivia Renee joins sister Emily Mae

A girl at my workplace is having twin girls: Samara & Savannah
Another woman is having a little girl: Riley Lynn (if it was a boy he would be Dakota James)

A granddaughter of a lady at my workplace has three children: Colin (9), Sophie (6) and Helen (2)

Eric & Leslie Ludy
Hudson, Harper Grace, Kipling Joel Anthony "Kip" and Avonlea Rose

My well rounded knowledge of names came in handy when an actor in a film seemed to be hiding an accent. With the last name of Owens I figured he must be Welsh and I was correct.