Saturday, May 7, 2011

My Revised Top 12 Names

Happy Mother's Day to all of you and your mothers!

After a bit of fun with a few other opinions I finally decided on the names to add to my favorites list. Thanks for all of your comments, I appreciate all of your comments! 

Top 12 Girls Combos
  1. Eleanor Sally
  2. Amy Irene
  3. Lydia Pearl
  4. Sadie Arabella
  5. Lena Beatrice
  6. Emma Claire
  7. Julia Mary
  8. Sophia Evelyn
  9. Clara Adelaide
  10. Jane Margaret 
  11. Phoebe Catherine
  12. Evangeline Mercy

Top 12 Boys Combos
  1. Edmund Laurence
  2. Simon Henry
  3. Nathaniel Welcome
  4. Colin Stone
  5. Emmett Humphrey
  6. Ciaran Michael
  7. Gideon Levi
  8. Ian Kenneth
  9. Silas Jasper
  10. Jack Matthias
  11. Jonathan Garrett
  12. William Ezra
I put the new or changed combos in bold

What do you think of the changes? 
Which combos do you think would make good siblings names? 

Very Truly Your's,
Miss Laurie :)


Tristans_Isolde said...

I love the new combos! they are all beautiful

Sophia Evelyn- gorgeous
Jane Margaret- so elegant
Pheobe Catherine- LOVE it! so pretty!

Ohh I just saw Edmund Laurence, thats such a great name for a boy!
Emmett Humphrey - great
Ian Kenneth- very nice
Jack Matthias- Love this!
Jonathan Garrett- I just love these two names together!

Great post!

Melody said...

Silas?! I thought Silas was my thing! How come everybody else suddenly likes Silas? hahaha :P

I always like the name Emma although so many people use it. :-/

What do you think of Nathaniel spelled Nathanael, like in the Bible? (I have a young relation by that name. :) )

Miss Laurie said...

Thanks for commenting Melody!
Silas isn't really that popular but among Christians it's become a bit more popular. I've only met one or two families who have named their sons Silas. I really like Silas a lot and would love to use it for a son one day, but I have a lot of other favorite too!

I do like the Nathanael spelling, I really like the name however it's spelled. But I prefer the Nathaniel spelling because that's the way it's spelled on my family tree. But I just really love the name! :)