Virtue Names List

Virtue names were particularly popular among the Puritans and other early American religious groups. This is by no means a complete list.

These are one of my favorite types of names. My father's family tree has several ladies given virtue names, including: Clement, Comfort, Christiana, Deliverance, Grace, Hail, Hope, Mercy, Patience, Prudence, Prosper, Stillman, Thankful, Thankfull, Welcome, Wait, Waity.

Virtue Names:
Abstinence Abundance Admire Adore Affinity Alliance Amiable Amity Amnesty Amour Benevolence Benevolent Blessing Bliss Blithe Blythe Bonny Bravery Brilliance Brilliant Charisma Chance Charity Chastity Cherish Chivalry Clarity Clear Clemency Comfort Concord Consolation Console Courage Confidence Constance Contemplate Dedicate Delight Destiny Divinity Declare Defiance Desire Diversity Divinity Dream Eccentricity Eloquent Enthusiasm Evangeline Ever Excellence Endurance Eloquence Eloquent Ephiny Epiphany Essence Essential Eternal Ethereal Ethical Euphony Excellence Faith Felicity Fidelity Free Freedom Friend Friendship Forever Fascination Fear Fearless Fidelity Finesse Fortune Forward Future Fearnot Gallant Gay Generous Gentle Grace Glimmer Glory Happy Happiness Harmony Honor Honour Hope Hopestill Humble Humbleness Halcyon Harmony Honor Hosanna Honesty Hate-Evil Hardy Integrity Illumination Imagination Imagine Infinity Innocent Innocence Inspiration Just Justice Journey Joy Jolly Kindness Kismet Liberty Love Learned Legend Lively Loyal Loyalty Mercy Modesty Memory Merit Merry Miracle Mirth Muse Mystery Mindwell Makepeace Noble Obedience Obedient Omnipotence Patience Peace Pilgrim Pleasant Promise Prosper Prudence Purity Pacific Panache Passion Peaceful Philosophy Pleasance Pleasant Promise Prosper Prosperity Providence Piety Remember Remembrance Resolve Radiance Rejoice Reliance Revelation Reverence Rhythm Reason Ransom Serendipity Serenity Silence Simplicity Sincerity Sojourner Sanctity Sanctuary Serene Society Solace Solemnity Sindeny Submit Solidarity Spirit Strategy Temperance Thankful Thanksgiving True Truth Tender Tolerance Tranquil Truly Trust Unity Valor Valour Valiant Virtue Verity Waitstill Welcome Wisdom Winsome Wistful Zeal Zealot Zealous