Saturday, October 3, 2009

Names I've Heard Recently

It's been quite a while since I last posted. But though I have dropped off posting I have not dropped off my enthusiasm for names!

Below are some of the names I've come into contact with over the summer and fall:

Two families I know:
one - Don & Lydia had their first daughter, Evelyn Amy (just too lovely for words!)
two - John & Alicia's new daughter Olivia Renee joins sister Emily Mae

A girl at my workplace is having twin girls: Samara & Savannah
Another woman is having a little girl: Riley Lynn (if it was a boy he would be Dakota James)

A granddaughter of a lady at my workplace has three children: Colin (9), Sophie (6) and Helen (2)

Eric & Leslie Ludy
Hudson, Harper Grace, Kipling Joel Anthony "Kip" and Avonlea Rose

My well rounded knowledge of names came in handy when an actor in a film seemed to be hiding an accent. With the last name of Owens I figured he must be Welsh and I was correct.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

You might be a name geek if....

Well, you know how to complete the sentence.

  • ...You know the origins of the names "Jeff" and "Foxworthy"
  • ...You`ve read so many BA`s you can recognize every baby or small child in your town
  • ...You have several restraining orders beause you`ve asked complete strangers about their names.
  • ...You write to your favourite celebrity asking him about his favourite names.
  • ...You`re devestated when said celebrity replies with "I`ve never really thought about it.
  • ...You also wrote him explaining how odd it was his name meaning didn`t apply to him at all.
  • ...Foreign exchange students never have to repeat their names to you.
  • ...You have a firm grounding in Greek, Latin and Gaelic.
  • ...You have gotten detention/fired for calling a classmate`s/coworker`s favourite name "trendy".
  • ...The only jokes you know are ones about people named Ben Dover and Jenny Taylor.
  • ...Your favourite comedian once told a joke about the meaning of her name. But you know she got it wrong.
  • ...Your idea of a slam is "Yo momma so old her name is Amabel" or "You so poor, your name was originally a surname!"
  • ...You`d hitchhike to Nebraska just to meet Cleveland Evans.
  • ...You know that Cleveland Evans is not the black guy from Family Guy.
  • ...You read movie credits just to find new and interesting names.
  • ...Your first response to hearing a name is "I love the meaning".
  • ...You read obituaries of people you don't know just to find old-fashioned names.
  • ...Names like Belphoebe and Solomon are guilty pleasures of yours.
  • ...You have a list of your top 50 favorite combos for boys and girls.
  • ...If you name the children in ads and posters and at the park and mall.
  • ...If you have a favourite and least favourite name for every letter of the alphabet.
  • ...You give your pets middle names (perhaps even more than one).
  • ...When you first meet someone, you wonder what his or her middle name is.
  • ...Even if you didn't enjoy a movie, book, television show, etc., you couldn't help but appreciate it somewhat if you really liked the characters' names.
  • ...If you keep renaming yourself cuz you just can't choose the perfect name.
  • ...If your favorite-names list exceeds 320 names.
  • ...If your friends give the look even when you make a simple casual comment on a name.
  • ...If you give all your teachers (and others) additional names that you think fit them better than the ones they have.
  • ...If you take ages just to choose a name for a character.
  • ...If you cringe when you hear someone say their daughter is named Madison or their son is named Jaden.
  • ...If you tell people what their name means when they introduce themselves (as if they care).
  • ..If you have ever shown your friends a list of some names you like and they haven't heard of any of them.
  • ...If your significant other has ever has ever awoken you with a text message asking the meaning and origin of a name.
  • ...If you actually find the obituaries more interesting than the birth announcements just because of the names.
  • ...If you have a method of testing the accuracy of baby name books.
  • ...If you don't actually own any of the books because you can't find any that have passed your test.
  • ...If you had a dream that involved name etymology.

All of these come from the Name Game board at BtN. Most of these I'm guilty of! :)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Garden


I've finally finished up my work on my top 200 favorite combos. It was a lot of work but a lot of fun. So here's the last of the combos I've just finished.

Addison Bailey
Arrington Brigh
Claudia Dominique
Candace Eliana
Avery Scarlett
Cara Eden
Josephine Bronte "Josie"

Leary Eachann
Chase August
Sholto Iain
Shallum Judah
Cyril Tesmond
Darius Willem
Murray Somerled
Ryan Findlay
Landon Emrys
Reginald Torsten "Reg"
Jairus Zeke
Aodh Kentigern
Jock Hazeldeen
Eoin Morrissey
Raymond Siors
Craig Mitchell
Stephan Lionel
Sawyer Drake
Raleigh Flynn
Asher Cohen
Alec Harrison
Blake Chandler
Bramwell Heath "Bram"
Britton Foster
Cody Tucker
Cooper Slade
Corrigan Brett
Connor Malachy
Deliverance Saul
Diggory Basil
Gulliver Clancy
Hamilton Vance "Ham"
Lane Wilson
Maddox Peyton
Oscar Maurice
Pacey Coleman "Pace"
Patriot Resolve
Septimus Cree
Sullivan Burke "Sully"
Sixten Otto
Seighin Roarke (Shannon)
Trent Deacon
Tennyson Alfred
Trey Brigham
Walker Garth
Whitaker Seamus "Whit"

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Ton of New Combos!

More combos I've decided on - some were put together just today. It's getting to be slim pickings. Still having fun! :)

May Annabelle
Marguerite Adele
Francesca Nicole
Frederica Agnes
Penelope Anthea "Penny"
Saorla Morag
Sophie Natalia
Samantha True
Tamsin Paisley
Thea Corinne
Michael Johanna
Marianne Linnet
Madeleine Bright
Keturah Judith
Keziah Promise
Natasha Tatiana
Leontine Drusilla "Tinny"
Gemma Hyacinth
Elspeth Tavia "Elsy"
Flora Bethia
Louisa Pauline
Helen Moira
Hester Comfort "Hes / Hessie"
Ariadne Zillah
Rowena Gray
Hosanna Cherish
Cynthia Louise
Emilia Steren
Joanna Dawn
Dinah Kathryn
Jenny Ireland
Euodia Persis
Achsa Rachel
Lorna Devorgilla
Agatha Clotilde "Aggie"
Constance Maria
Zoe Adriana
Dorothee Isabel
Eloisa Sybil
Isolda Glynis
Genevieve Sofie
Elaine Vivian
Amberlyn Brooke
Delight Emily
Henrietta Ursula "Hetty / Etta"
Ceridwen Dervila
Eithne Maire
Harriet Eileen "Hattie"
Rebecca Karin
Ireleigh Sian
Amethyst Lyric "Amey"
Bryony Sonnet
Mehitabel Jerusha "Hetty / Bel"
Wilhelmina Heidi "Mina"

Drew Cailean
Dietrich Wolfgang
Nehemiah Jehu
Liam Finnian
Luke Torben
Samuel Zion
Riley Kiernan
Weston Emeric "Wes"
Gerald Scott
Gerard Ross "Gerry"
Ronald Albert
Jolyon Soames "Jolly / Jo"
Philip Waistill
Jericho Hiram
Patrick Dublin
Rilian Xander
Theoden Idris
Timothy Robert
Felix Vittorio
Leopold Adolphus "Leo"
Fitzwilliam Ioan
Montgomery Duff "Monty"
Shiloh Galilee
Humble Joash
Martin Donald
Mark Justin
Jason Erasmus
Abraham Uriah "Abe"
Rafael Cyrus "Rafe"
Graeme Conan
Grady Killian
Lucian Xavier
Hector Etienne
Zachariah Storm
Hayden Trace
Desmond Horatio
Eustace Humphrey
Amadeus Luther
Aaron Zachary
Joshua Reuben
Tullian Fife
Theodore Hugo
Noble Aram
Frederick Herman
Cole Archer
Jude Orlando
Carmichael Bruce "Car"
Enoch Jabez
Theron Yannick
Koen Gunther
Andrew Coinneach (prn. Kenneth)
Jephthah Mael "Jep"

Wow! There were far more than I realized because I had forgotten to post some of them. That's all to date and I'm working on just a few more. I'm running out of room! :)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Adorning a Hat


More rambling about names. Some first names I'm trying to decide on middle names for:
Girls: May, Marguerite, Francesca, Frederica, Penelope, Saorla, Sophie, Samantha, Tamsin, Thea, Michael, Marianne, Madeleine, Keturah, Keziah, Natasha, Leontine, Gemma, Elspeth, Flora, Louisa

Boys: Drew, Dietrich, Nehemiah, Liam, Luke, Samuel, Riley, Weston, Gerald, Gerard, Ronald, Jolyon, Philip, Jericho, Patrick, Rilian, Theoden, Timothy, Felix, Leopold, Fitzwilliam, Montgomery, Shiloh, Humble, Martin, Mark, Jason, Abraham, Rafael

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Combos I'm Working On

First names that I'm trying to decide on middle names for.


Elaine - Marianne Maria Patience Tavia Vivian
Amberlyn - Brooke Cherish Mae Promise Rachel Sofie
Delight - Adriana Emilia Emily Isabel Jerusha Judith Mehitabel Rachel
Henrietta - Agnes Clotilde Emily Glynis Judith Ursula
Ceridwen - Aibhne (Eveny) Aileas Dervila Eilidh Glynis Yelena
Eithne - Caitriona Glynis Gormlaith Lyric Maire Tamsin
Zoe - Adriana Amaryllis Emilia Isabel Maelys Mira
Dorothee - Madeleine Isabel Vivian Yelena
Eloisa - Clotilde Glynis Patience Sofie Sophie Sybil Vivian
Isolda - Beathan Caitriona Glynis Madeleine Maire Vivian
Genevieve - Drusilla Emilia Emily Isobel Sofie Sophie Rachel
Wilhelmina - Agnes Clotilde Glynis Heidi Hildie Sade Sybil
Ireleigh - Brooke Reagan Sian Sonnet Tamsin
Amethyst - Cherish Lyric Maria Rachel Sonnet
Bryony - Linnet Maire Sian Sonnet Tamsin Tavia Thea
Harriet - Agnes Clotilde Drusilla Eileen Geraldine Patience Ursula
Rebecca - Cherish Heidi Judith Karin
Deborah - Judith Mehitabel Patience Rachel
Agatha - Clotilde Glynis Maria Patience Sybil
Constance - Dinah Emily Jerusha Judith Maria Rachel

Desmond - Horatio Hugo Humphrey Rafael
Aaron - Fife Joshua Trace Zachary
Hayden - Storm Trace Zachary
Theodore - Hugo Humphrey Willem
Noble - Aram Joshua Luther Reuben
Tullian - Fife Xander
Zachariah - August Reuben Storm Trace
Eustace - Horatio Humphrey

Saturday, April 18, 2009


jane leaning on fence

So I've made several decisions on combos and am working on yet more.

Imelda Poppy "Immy"
Molly Friendship
Journey Myla
Mabel Lucille
Martina Ingrid
Verity Peace
Prudence Moriah "Pru"
Amity Belle
Caitira Mairwen
Caoimhe Ailsa
Seraphine Amalia
Zinnia Lalage
Anne Temperance "Annie"
Thomasina Violet "Tam"
Michal Dvorah
Ella Josephine
Joy Autumn
Sheridan Ainsley
Winifred Gerda "Winnie / Freddie"
Rosalie Winter
Salome Petra
Virginia Naurine "Ginny"
Hannah Libby

Amyas Christer
Seanas Uilliam
Tirian Fearghas
Jonah Parker
Jonathan Eliab
Archibald Niall "Archie"
Angus Malcolm "Gus"
Griffin Rhys
Gwillym Theirn "Gwill"
Philemon Earnest "Phil"
Nicodemus Lee "Nic / Nico"
Gilead Rowan
Roderick Allen "Roddy"
Cian Laoghaire
Walter Francis "Walt"
Sirius Victor
Canaan Joseph
Ronan Bryce
Ethan Joel
Gage Porter
Dylan Lucas
Malachi Joram
Atticus Corentin
Rufus Hosea
Fletcher Quinn
Emmett Story
Clement George "Clem"
Thankful Ransom
Brighton Alastair
Elijah Tanner "Eli"
Breckin Thomas
Gilbert Vaughn "Gil / Gibby"
Hugh Morgan
Mackenzie Boyd "Mac"
Wyatt Jeffrey
Zebulon Edward "Zeb"
Solomon Fear "Sol"
Jacob Eli "Jake"
David Adoniram
and changed David Ira to Daniel Ira

I really didn't realize I had decided on so many! I'm working on several other combos including using these names as first names:

Lorna, Deborah, Agatha, Constance, Zoe, Dorothee, Eloisa, Isolda, Genevieve, Elaine, Amberlyn, Delight, Henrietta, Ceridwen, Eithne, Harriet, Rebecca, Wilhelmina, Ireleigh, Amethyst, May and Bryony

Theodore, Noble, Cole, Frederick, Jude, Desmond, Enoch, Amadeus, Aaron, Carmichael, Hayden, Jephthah, Zachariah, Andrew, Eustace, Tullian, Theron and Koen

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lost in Boys Names


So it's taking me a long time to come up with combos but here's some more I'm thinking about.

  • Tirian Archer, Tirian Bryce, Tirian Emeric, Tirian Aram, Tirian Cailean, Tirian Emrys, Tirian Idris, Tirian Leary, Tirian Sorley, Tirian Aodh, Tirian Duff, Tirian Fearghas, Tirian Rhys, Tirian Siors
  • Jonah Parker, Jonah Eli, Jonah Hayden, Jonah Morgan, Jonah Zachary, Jonah Cole, Jonah Eliab, Jonah Humble, Jonah Porter, Jonah Story, Jonah Torsten, Jonah Storm, Jonah Dublin, Jonah Fear, Jonah Lucas, Jonah Rhys, Jonah Tanner, Jonah Theron
  • Atticus Corentin, Atticus Jolyon, Atticus Lucian, Atticus Theirn, Atticus Victor, Atticus Hugo, Atticus Luther, Atticus Desmond, Atticus Vittorio, Atticus Jude, Atticus Orlando, Atticus Rafael
  • Rufus Adoniram, Rufus Daniel, Rufus Eliam, Rufus Aaron, Rufus Enoch, Rufus Hosea, Rufus Aram, Rufus Eliab, Rufus Joel, Rufus Jephthah, Rufus Joseph, Rufus Joshua, Rufus Noam, Rufus Joram, Rufus Samuel
  • Sirius Aodh, Sirius Dietrich, Sirius Eli, Sirius George, Sirius Horatio, Sirius Morgan, Sirius Reuben, Sirius Willem, Sirius Theoden, Sirius Rafael, Sirius Christer, Sirius Eysteinn, Sirius Gereon, Sirius Lucius, Sirius Theirn, Sirius Corentin, Sirius Emeric, Sirius Hugo, Sirius Humphrey, Sirius Luther, Sirius Leopold, Sirius Theodore, Sirius Victor, Sirius Vaughn
  • Canaan Omri, Canaan Daniel, Canaan Joseph, Canaan Enoch, Canaan Eli, Canaan Hosea, Canaan Joshua, Canaan Eliab, Canaan Joel, Canaan Jabez, Canaan Zion
  • Jonathan Andrew, Jonathan Omri, Jonathan Aaron, Jonathan Aram, Jonathan Daniel, Jonathan Enoch, Jonathan Eliab, Jonathan Fear, Jonathan Hosea, Jonathan Lucas, Jonathan Noble, Jonathan Parker, Jonathan Storm, Jonathan Uriah, Jonathan Zachary, Jonathan Story
  • Cian Bryce, Cian Alastair, Cian Atticus, Cian Fergus, Cian Thomas, Cian Andrew, Cian Archer, Cian Boyd, Cian Fife, Cian Malcolm, Cian Somerled, Cian Torben, Cian Adoniram, Cian Eachann, Cian Gilead, Cian Laoghaire, Cian Seanas, Cian Torsten, Cian Uilliam, Cian Zachariah
  • Walter Adolphus, Walter Eustace, Walter Frederick, Walter Felix, Walter Humphrey, Walter Tesmond, Wal ter Ernest, Walter Francis, Walter George, Walter Desmond
  • Gilead Andrew, Gilead Bryce, Gilead Dublin, Gilead Fife, Gilead Hayden, Gilead Rhys, Gilead Theron, Gilead Archer, Gilead Boyd, Gilead Enoch, Gilead Jude, Gilead Joseph, Gilead Lucas, Gilead Trace, Gilead Parker, Gilead Zachary, Gilead Cole, Gilead Fergus, Gilead Rowan. Gilead Tanner
  • Amyas Christer, Amyas George, Amyas Luther, Amyas Quinn, Amyas Theirn, Amyas Jolyon, Amyas Willem, Amyas Corentin, Amyas Orlando, Amyas Rafael
  • Leo August, Leo Eustace, Leo Felix, Leo Victor, Leo Willem, Leo Ernest, Leo Gunther, Leo Maximilian, Leo Wolfgang, Leo Dietrich, Leo Rafael
  • Roderick Allen, Roderick Francis, Roderick Theodore, Roderick Victor, Roderick George, Roderick Theron, Roderick Torsten, Roderick Ernest, Roderick Noble
  • Seanas Duff, Seanas Rhys, Seanas Jude, Seanas Jock, Seanas Quinn, Seanas Torben, Seanas Uilliam, Seanas Parker, Seanas Fife, Seanas Cole, Seanas Hayden, Seanas Neil, Seanas Theirn, Seanas Vaughn, Seanas Emeric, Seanas Leary
  • Jacob Fear, Jacob Porter, Jacob Ransom, Jacob Enoch, Jacob Lucas, Jacob Zachariah, Jacob Archer, Jacob Eli, Jacob Adoniram, Jacob Noble, Jacob Tanner, Jacob Thankful, Jacob Zion
  • Breckin Eli, Breckin Fife, Breckin Jude, Breckin Neil, Breckin Rhys, Breckin Cole, Breckin Leary, Breckin Tanner, Breckin Thomas, Breckin Porter
  • Gilbert Boyd, Gilbert Enoch, Gilbert Niall, Gilbert Alastair, Gilbert Fergus, Gilbert Morgan, Gilbert Duff, Gilbert Ioan, Gilbert Noble, Gilbert Vaughn
  • Thankful Adoniram, Thankful Enoch, Thankful Elihu, Thankful Joram, Thankful Zachariah, Thankful Earnest, Thankful Gilead, Thankful Jephthah, Thankful Jabez, Thankful Uriah, Thankful Amyas, Thankful Eliab, Thankful Fear, Thankful Ransom, Thankful Zion
  • Brighton Emrys, Brighton Leary, Brighton Quinn, Brighton Trace, Brighton Storm, Brighton Andrew, Brighton Archer, Brighton Fergus, Brighton Tanner, Brighton Alastair, Brighton Porter
  • Elijah Andrew, Elijah Fife, Elijah Humble, Elijah Justin, Elijah Rhys, Elijah Trace, Elijah Parker, Elijah Zachary, Elijah Bryce, Elijah Cole, Elijah Gilead, Elijah Jude, Elijah Morgan, Elijah Porter, Elijah Canaan, Elijah Hayden, Elijah Quinn, Elijah Rowan, Elijah Tanner, Elijah Vaughn
  • Hugh Alastair, Hugh George, Hugh Morgan, Hugh Niall, Hugh Thomas, Hugh Walter, Hugh Frederick, Hugh Jonathan, Hugh Jolyon, Hugh Noble, Hugh Theodore
  • Mackenzie Fife, Mackenzie Jock, Mackenzie Neil, Mackenzie Duff, Mackenzie Bruce, Mackenzie George, Mackenzie Iain, Mackenzie Niall, Mackenzie Boyd, Mackenzie Hugh, Mackenzie Noble, Mackenzie Thomas
  • Wyatt Aaron, Wyatt Archer, Wyatt Cole, Wyatt Gilead, Wyatt Jeffrey, Wyatt Geoffrey, Wyatt Canaan, Wyatt Hayden, Wyatt Theodore, Wyatt Bryce, Wyatt Cailean, Wyatt Joel, Wyatt Justin, Wyatt Porter, Wyatt Storm
  • Zebulon Andrew, Zebulon Elijah, Zebulon Francis, Zebulon Hosea, Zebulon Jonah, Zebulon Eli, Zebulon Fear, Zebulon Joel, Zebulon Thomas, Zebulon Edward, Zebulon Gilead, Zebulon Edward, Zebulon Jude, Zebulon Tanner
  • Philemon Andrew, Philemon Clement, Philemon Hosea, Philemon Luther, Philemon Noble, Philemon Atticus, Philemon Daniel, Philemon Eli, Philemon Jude, Philemon Lucas, Philemon Enoch, Philemon Gilead, Philemon Joseph, Philemon Ananias, Philemon Earnest
  • Solomon Boyd, Solomon Daniel, Solomon Francis, Solomon Gilead, Solomon Humble, Solomon Israel, Solomon Jabez, Solomon Zeke, Solomon Thankful, Solomon Enoch, Solomon Eli, Solomon Joel, Solomon Noble, Solomon Uriah, Solomon Waitstill, Solomon Atticus, Solomon Amyas, Solomon Eliab, Solomon Fear, Solomon Isaiah

Monday, April 6, 2009

Making Headway

I've been working on my combos and coming up with some good ones. Some combos I've already decided on:

Brody Keenan
Stuart Lachlan
Evan Llywellyn
Keegan Noel
Jeremiah Seth
Jonas Finley
Ephraim Job
Noah Wisdom
Caleb Jeriah
Fabian Lucius
Hamish Gregor
Duncan Anselm
Ellis Aubrey
Sieffre Gawain
Julian Darcy
Traian Bennett
Taliesin Morcant
Thaddeus Resolve "Thad"

Orla Niamh
Carys Angharad
Gretchen Katrina
Freja Dagmar
Sorcha Beitris
Oighrig Primrose (Effie)
Liesel Sigrid
Viviana Beryl
Paige Ariana
Bianca Jillian
Meredith Willow
Callie Poet
Ivy Gabriella
Katia Wren
Naomi Truth
Polly Jemima
Alethea Spring
Eimear Delaney
Amelia Rose
Annora Siri
Olivia Kirsten
Harmony Elise
Gwyneth Isla

Boys combos I'm trying to decide on:
  • Angus George, Angus Niall or Angus Malmolm
  • Emmett Alastair, Emmett Neil, Emmett Walter, Emmett Morgan, Emmett Vaughn, Emmett Atticus or Emmett Story
  • Clement Eustace, Clement Ernest, Clement Walter, Clement Frederick, Clement George, Clement Vaughn
  • Gwillym Emrys, Gwillym Ioan, Gwillym Theirn, Gwillym Niall, Gwillym Siors
  • Nicodemus Andrew, Nicodemus Eli, Nicodemus Jude, Nicodemus Lee, Nicodemus Enoch, Nicodeus Joel
  • Fletcher Bryce, Fletcher Jude, Fletcher Joel, Fletcher Theron, Fletcher Quinn, Fletcher Trace
  • Ronan Andrew, Ronan Bryce, Ronan Eli, Ronan Trace, Ronan Fife, Ronan Quinn, Ronan Jude
  • Ethan Jude, Ethan Joseph, Ethan Joshua, Ethan Trace, Ethan Story, Ethan Bryce, Ethan Joel, Ethan Jephthah, Ethan Thomas
  • Archibald Niall or Archibaild Fergus

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Strange and silly girls combos

Below are just some more combos. I have decided on Edme Solange but other than that I am having a hard time deciding on combos.
  • Naomi Constance, Naomi Deborah, Naomi Rachel, Naomi Wren, Naomi Friendship, Naomi Rebecca, Naomi Truth, Naomi Primrose
  • Katia Amethyst, Katia Amberlyn, Katia Rose, Katia Sigrid, Katia Violet, Katia Winter, Katia Truth, Katia Libby, Katia Siri, Katia Salome, Katia Wren, Katia Noelle, Katia Primrose, Katia Willow, Katia Seraphine
  • Edme Lucille, Edme Delight, Edme Marguerite, Edme Madeleine, Edme Rosalind, Edme Seraphine, Edme Solange
  • Olivia Jillian, Olivia Karyn, Olivia Maelys, Olivia Poet, Olivia Sonnet, Olivia Wren, Olivia Beryl, Olivia Genevieve, Olivia Kirsten, Olivia Noelle, Olivia Rosalind, Olivia Seraphine, Olivia Salome, Olivia Journey, Olivia Madeleine, Olivia Rosalie, Olivia Temperance
  • Polly Truth, Polly Constance, Polly Deborah, Polly Friendship, Polly Henrietta, Polly Rebecca, Polly Temperance, Polly Delight, Polly Jemima
I have also added these combos to my favorites list:

Marlena Olive
Miriam Eve "Mim"
Liberty Anna
Priscilla Eunice
Desiree Giselle
Serenity Kendall
Tamara Sarai
Eliza Georgiana
Gwendolyn Blythe
Bethany Ophelia
Edme Solange (ed-may)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Name Games


I've just been playing name games all day long and as far as making combos I feel like the girl above with few decisions made. Here's some of the many combos I'm working on:

  • Carys - Alethea Angharad Emilia Eithne Vivian Meredith Gwyneth Elspeth Elise Siwan Steren Mairwen Moira Maire Linnet Eilidh Eloisa

  • Noah - Andrew Breckin Enoch Job Thankful Wisdom Tanner Vaughn
  • Sieffre - Anselm Bruce Eoin Lucius Morgan Torben Taliesin Boyd Clement Gawain Hugo Llewellyn Morcant
  • Keegan - Andrew Bryce Lucas Stuart Noel
  • Hamish - Gregor Julian Niall Stuart Morgan Neil Vaughn
  • Duncan - Anselm Angus Gregor Neil Somerled Duncan Bruce
  • Caleb - Andrew Breckin Enoch Evan Joel Jude Jeriah Rhys
  • Jeremiah - Breckin Rhys Lucas Enoch Lucius Rowan Seth
  • Jonas - Andrew Breckin Evan Finley Griffin Thankful Bryce Vaughn
  • Soren - Finley Dominic Dietrich Felix Victor Gunther
  • Elias - Bennett Finley Morgan Vaughn Hugh Job
  • Ephraim - Daniel Joel Job Seth Hugh Neil Vaughn
  • Ellis - Job Aubrey Clement Frederick Gilbert George Hugh Vaughn Gregor Gregory Hugo Jephthah Walter Morgan
  • Fabian - Bryce Leary Lucius Niall Stuart Vaughn


Friday, March 27, 2009

More Girls Combos


Priscilla - Belle Eve Eunice Michal Rose Rachel Truth
Sorcha - Eileen Beitris Elspeth Gwyneth Maire Mairwen Primrose
Liberty - Anna Belle May Rebecca
Desiree - Bianca Giselle Gabriella Lisanne Noelle Martina
Gretchen - Ailsa Beitris Ceridwen Emilia Eloisa Katrina Siri
Liesel - Dagmar Charis Freja Gerda Heidi Kirsten Rosamund Sigrid Winifred
Marlena - Beryl Bryony Eve Ivy Olive Sonnet Willow Wren
Serenity - Anna Annora Elise Ella Kendall Myla Maelys Poet Willow Winter Wren

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Just Talking Combos


I'm continuing to rework my combos and here's a list of ones I've already changed:

Tobias Ewan
Cillian Tadgh
Ian Tavish
Skander Edmund
Gareth Einion
Gabriel Kai
Charles Brock "Charlie"
Jack Tristan
Titus Roman
Micah Jubal
Cianan Matthew

Julia Rosemary
Susanna Chloe
Tabitha Esther "Tibby"
Matilda Hazel "Mattie" or "Tilly"
Mary Helena
Ada Dorothy
Esme Kathleen
Liliana Karis
Maisie Caroline
Philippa Antonia "Pippa"
Clara Jeanette
Cora Beatrix
Jane Sophia Elinor
Catherine Opal
Jocelyn Ruth
Phyllis Evelyn

I now have a very long list of names I want to add to my list but I'm trying to figure out combos. Silly me and a lot of extra work! ;)

Here are some first names I'm trying to find middle names for:

Ephraim - Angus Boyd Caleb Daniel Hugh Joel Jacob Job Neil Seth Vaughn
Soren - Finley Gunther Dominic Atticus August Amadeus Dietrich Frederick Findlay Felix Lucius Thaddeus Victor Walter
Elias - Bennett Boyd Finley Hugh Joram Job Morgan Morcant Vaughn

Alice - Mabel Bianca Jillian Georgiana Maude Maria Meredith Violet Virginia Verity Honoria
Tamara - Naomi Peace Rose Sarai Faith Journey Serenity
Miriam - Beryl Eve Hannah Jemima Naomi Prudence Rachel Sarai Truth Peace Priscilla Achsa
Isabella - Faith Violet Grace Maeve Zoe Truth Peace Serenity Sage Maude May
Anneliese - Belle Beryl Faye Joy Jillian Kate Kirsten Molly May Maude Noelle Rose Paige Violet Zoe
Charity - Amelia Eve Faith Isobel Joy Leia Lea Michael Michal Noelle Rebecca
Bridget - Eimear Eithne Ireleigh Maeve Marcail Niamh Tavia
Saskia - Truth Violet Winifred Olive Marianne Dagmar Gretchen Isobel Ivy Kirsten Liesel Laurel


Monday, January 26, 2009

Alphabet Favorites


Object: One girls name and one boys name I like best for each letter.
Reason: Because I haven't done one of these in a while.

Girls / Boys

Amy / Aidan
Beatrice / Bartholomew
Catherine / Ciaran
Davia / Douglas
Eleanor / Eamon
Felicity / Finley
Grace / Gideon
Helena / Henry
Irene / Ian
Jocelyn / Jack
Kirsten / Kenneth
Lena / Laurence
Mary / Michael
Naomi / Nathaniel
Opal / Owen
Phoebe / Pearce
Quinn / Quinn
Ruby / Roman
Sally / Simon
Tabitha / Tristan
Una / Urias
Viola / Vaughan
Wilhelmina / William
Xandra / Xander
Yseult / Yoan
Zinnia / Zechariah

Not all of the above I'd use as first names but many I would use as middle names if I got the chance. Boy, it's been a long time since I've done one of these. I actually had to got to my lists at LadyBug Names to remember what my faves were for the more obscure letters. That was fun though. :)

Now you go ahead and do it. It is a bit hard to limit yourself to just one for each letter!


Sunday, January 11, 2009

Descisions, descisions - boys combos

  • Jack Tristan - changed from Jack Michael Auguste. I like Tristan a lot but not sure I want it as a first name.
  • Crispin - I liked Crispin Lee because Crispin is related to my mom's maiden name and Lee is my mom's middle name. I've also been thinking about Crispin Lucius or Crispin Evander but I can't quite decide.
  • Titus - I had Titus Andrew but I think I want to change it, perhaps to Titus Roman.
  • Cianan - I love this name's closeness to Ciaran (my fave) but I'm trying to decide between Cianan Matthew, Cianan Bryce or Cianan Stuart.
  • Micah - I love Micah's closeness to Michael and I love J middle name with M first names. I've been considering Micah Jubal but I think I'll go with Micah Joel.
  • Elias - trying to find a good middle name. I used to love Elias Henry but I'm not too sure. I've been thinking of Elias Griffin or Elias Matthew but they're not spectacular.
  • Soren - I love this name but can't find just the right middle name. I've been considering Soren Finley, Soren Gunther and Soren Dominic.
  • Tobias - I've been thinking of several various middle names: Tobias Clement, Tobias Daniel, Tobias Ewan and Tobias Einion. I think Tobias Ewan is very nice but not quite sure, I'd like a name of the same kind.
  • Skander - I've liked this the first time I heard it on the actor Skandar Keynes who played Edmund in Narnia. I like Skander Edmund or Skander William but I'm also thinking about Skander Amadeus, Skander Dominic, Skander Thomas or Skander Willem.
  • Ian - I love this but I'm trying to decide between Ian Thomas, Ian Theodore, Ian Tavish, or Ian Carmichael.
  • Cillian - I like this but I'm not sure if I like Killian better or not. I guess Cillian is best. I've been considering a wide varriety of middle names including Cillian Alastair, Cillian Bruce, Cillian Rhys, Cillian Trace, Cillian Tadhg, and Cillian Finley.
  • Griffin - Griffin Bennett or Griffin Bryce. I think I need more middle name options, I'm not liking this. Brody also needs some middle name options, perhaps Ronan.

I'm also trying to decide if I like Gareth Einion or Einion Gareth better.

These I've already decided on:
Asa Benjamin
Sinjon Tertius
Corin Bertrand
Ira David
Phineas Ebenezer