Thursday, April 7, 2011

Welsh Girls Names

I have many favorite name styles and one of my favorites is Welsh names. I love their beautiful pronunciations, traditional Welsh spellings, interesting meanings and overall old-fashioned feel.

Here are some of my favorite Welsh girls names:
(each name is linked so you can check out their pronunciations & history)

  • Aderyn - means "bird", I love the spelling more than the sound.
  • Angharad - means "more love"
  • Anwen - This lovely name appropriately means "very beautiful".
  • Bethan 
  • Betrys 
  • Bronwen / Bronwyn - I've actually met a girl with this name and it was really lovely.
  • Caron - Meaning "to love", this is one of my favorites. It does sound like Karen but I love this meaning and it's lovely spelling. 
  • Carys / Cerys - Meaning "love" this either my first or second favorite. It reminds me of Karis and I just love the Carys spelling! So pretty!
  • Ceridwen 
  • Delyth - This is probably my favorite Welsh girls name. It means "pretty" and I love the way it's pronounced. Just so lovely! 
  • Dilys 
  • Eirian - means "bright, beautiful"
  • Eirlys - means "snowdrop"
  • Eluned / Luned - I just discovered this name. It means "image, idol" but I really like the way it's pronounced, so pretty! Luned is a shorter form and it's pretty.
  • Enid - I love this name even though it's one of the most common Welsh names. It means "soul" or "life".
  • Glenice / Glenys - I actually really like this name, it's so pretty and I love the meaning "pure, clean, holy".
  • Glynis - I think I like this name better then the similar Glenice / Glenys, it's really pretty! I love the meaning "valley" too.
  • Gwenda - I first heard this name in a Miss Marple story and I just loved it. It means "white, fair, blessed" and think it's really pretty.
  • Gwendolen / Gwendoline / Gwendolyn - I've always loved this name and it's variants. So pretty and regal sounding!
  • Gwyneth - As much as I like Gwendolyn I like this name more and the nickname Gwyn. Lovely!
  • Lewella / Llewella - I like this feminine version of Llewellyn.
  • Mairwen - so pretty!
  • Meredith - This is quite popular right now but I really like it.
  • Morgan - Another common Welsh name but it's nice. I also like it for a boy.
  • Morwen / Morwenna - I like it's meaning "maiden", and especially the beautiful sound of Morwenna! 
  • Myfanwy - This one meaning "my woman" or "my love" is so sweet. I know a family who have a daughter named Myffwyn which is similar and I like that too.
  • Owena - I love the name Owen and this is kind of nice as a feminine form.
  • Rhiannon - I like the spelling and the meaning "great queen", I just wish it was easier to say!
  • Rhonwen 
  • Rhosyn - I love name meaning "rose", so pretty!
  • Seren - I love that this name means "star", it's so lovely! 
  • Siwan - I've just recently started liking this one. It's so pretty! 
  • Winifred 

I'll be doing a post soon about Welsh boys names so stay tuned!

Do you like any of these names?  
What are you're favorite Welsh names for girl? 

Very Truly Your's,
Miss Laurie


Tristans_Isolde said...

You have posted some lovely names here!
I particularly like Llewella most likely because it is a little similar one of my favourite names Leonella.
Other Welsh names I like are Guinevere, Isolde/Iseult and Aderyn (I agree with you that the spelling is nicer than the pronunciation though).

Thank you somuch for posting this and I look forward to your Welsh boys names post :)

Tristans_Isolde :)

Miss Laurie said...

I love the name Isolde! I'm not quite sure why I forgot to include it in my list. Guinevere too.
Leonella is very pretty, I'd never heard of it before.

~Miss Laurie
Old-Fashioned Charm

Tristans_Isolde said...

Most people think Leonella is too strange but I first heard it when I was 14 on an Australian TV show and have loved it ever since, I vaguely remember it was French...maybe haha but I've never found a meaning.


Dan said...

Great post, so many lovely Welsh names! If your looking for a tool to help you choose a Welsh Girls name (you can try different combinations of names together) see

Anonymous said...

I love the list of names, unfortunately I don't know how to pronounce them and the links don't say how? Do you know of any sites that will help with phonetic pronunciation? Thank you!