Friday, April 8, 2011

Welsh Boys Names

Again, I love Welsh names and Welsh boys names can be so strong and masculine and mystical sounding.

Here are some of my favorite Welsh boys names:
(all of them are linked so you can see pronunciation & history)

  • Aled - I've loved this name since finding Welsh opera singer Aled Jones. Sometimes seeing someone with a name just makes the name stand out.
  • Braith 
  • Brynmor - reminds me of the name of a castle or town.
  • Celyn - I found this name around Christmas time because it means "holly" and I rather liked it.
  • Colwyn - I like Cole and Coleman but they are so popular! This also reminds me of my favorite Colin.
  • Dylan - so popular but it's also strong and handsome.
  • Einion - I really love the sound of this name, it reminds me of Ian, Ewan and Ioan. It means "anvil".
  • Ellis - I used to think this was so much of an older name but I really like this and Elias now. 
  • Emlyn 
  • Emrys - this is a form of Ambrose and I love the handsome sound!
  • Gareth - this is such a strong and handsome name but it means "gentleness". Also a name from Arthurian legend.
  • Gawain - I've always liked the look of this name but I didn't like that I thought it was pronounced guh-wayn. But I really started to like it once I found out it was really pronounced gohw-an. 
  • Griffin / Griffith / Gruffudd - One of my all time favorite Welsh names. I like this name mostly because I really like actor Ioan Gruffudd and admire that he uses his original Welsh name even though it's a bit hard to pronounce.
  • Gwillym "Gwil" - I love William so this Welsh version is also on my favorites list. And I love the nickname Gwil!
  • Huw - I've really been starting to like the name Hugh over the last year or so. This Welsh version is really simple and it's also the name of another of my favorite Christian Welsh singers Huw Priday! 
  • Ioan - again, Ioan Gruffudd is one of my favorite actors and I love the sound of this name. I like other forms of John like Ian, Ewan, Owen and Sean and I love this too!
  • Llewellyn - I like this name in theory and this is my favorite spelling with the four Ls. But I know it wouldn't work very well in the USA. Also I'm not crazy about the nickname "Llew".
  • Meirion / Merrion - I love the sound of this name! I just found this recently and it's great!
  • Morgan - As much as I love this name for girls I also like it for boys too. I knew a little boy with this name too and it was really cute on him!
  • Mostyn - I first heard this as a surname but I rather liked it as a first name too.  
  • Owain / Owen - This is probably my favorite Welsh boys name! I just love it! 
  • Price / Pryce 
  • Reece / Rhys - I really like this name and especially the Rhys spelling. It makes a great middle name!
  • Roderick - I took care of an older lady whose surname was Roderick and I've liked it ever since. I also like the nickname Roddy and met a family once whose youngest son was named Roddy.
  • Siarl - as a Welsh form of Charles I rather like this.
  • Sieffre - This is a Welsh form of Geoffrey and I love the sound see-free.
  • Sior / Siors / Siorus - All of these are Welsh forms of George and I rather like these especially Siors.
  • Taliesin - I love the spelling of this name but have a difficult time pronouncing it. 
  • Tristan - This is getting quite popular but I really like it. So strong and handsome! 
  • Tudor - I like this but of course it is mostly known as a royal surname so I wouldn't use it.
  • Vaughan / Vaughn - I really like this name, it's so strong and handsome. 

These posts were so much fun to do! I really do love Welsh names!

Do you like any of these? 
What are your favorite Welsh boys names?

Very Truly Your's,
Miss Laurie

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Tristans_Isolde said...

You have picked great boys names i love them all!!!
Ohh and Ioan Gruffudd is wonderful isnt he :)
I particularly like Tristan and Owen (which is my brothers middle name and everyone comments on how 'handsome' it is) and that is so interesting about the pronuciation of Gawain, all the movies say guh-wayn and i hated that but i really like the sound of gohw-an!

thank you for posting this :)