Friday, March 25, 2011

Names I've Been Thinking About

Lately I've found and been thinking about the names below. I like the sound of these and thought I'd just share them here. I'd love to know if you've heard of any of these names and what you think of them!


  • Niobe - I found this today and really didn't know how to pronounce it or anything about it! So I looked it up on Behind the Name (my one stop source for names). It's pronounced nee-o-bee or nye-o-bee (similar to Naomi). It's a name from Greek Mythology and the meaning is unknown. To me it sound similar to Phoebe which I love so I'm really starting to like this. I can at least add it to my very short list of N names that I like.
  • Nimue - another name I just didn't know anything about! This one is from Welsh Mythology so I like it because of that already. Some people pronounce it nee-moo but it's really pronounced nih-moo-way. I have a hard time pronouncing it and I'd love to hear a Welsh person pronounce it because I'm sure it's beautiful! Meaning unknown.
  • Gwendlyn - this name I found in a name game I played and thought it was rather pretty. I can't find any info on it so it's probably a misspelling of Gwendolyn but I thought it looked pretty anyway.


  • Colm - on St. Patrick's Day I watched a TV program where a man from Ireland had this name. I enjoyed hearing it used because I don't think I'd heard it used before. I really like the short sound and like that's it's less popular than Callum which I love. It's in the same family as Callum and means 'dove'.
  • Leith - this is an English name which has ties with Scotland and is also the name of a river that runs through Edinburgh, Scotland. I kind of liked it because it's similar to Keith but different.
  • Imre - I'd heard this name before but ran across it again. I love the sound! It's pronounced EEM-re. It's actually a Hungarian form of the German names Emmerich, but to me it sounds Welsh or Celtic. I like it!
  • Aloysius - every time I run across Aloysius it surprises me how much I like the sound. It's just a fun name to say - al-oh-WISH-us! It's related to the name Louis which I also like right now. These old-fashioned names are delightful!
  • Jason - I usually don't like this name but the few Jasons I have met are really nice and make me want to like this name even though it is well known and popular. 

I'm also falling in love with the name Colin again! It's my dad's name and my brother's first name (but he goes by his middle name) and I really don't hear it often enough. If my brother doesn't use it then I'm going to because I do love it! My dad doesn't have a nickname but I'm kind of liking the nickname Col (like call) right now. What do you think, on a little boy?

Opinions on all of these names? What you heard of them before? Have you met people with these names?


Tristans_Isolde said...

Hi Miss Laurie,

You have chossen some wonderful names here. I have heard of all of them and a few of them are on my fav names list (Aloysius and Niobe). I confess that I have kept a journal since i was 11 years old of names i want to call my kids (when the day comes)and ten years on and i'm still adding to it :) it seems a little silly. I love Welsh names and Irish names (especially the gaelic ones that have unique spellings)

Thank you so much for this blog and sorry for commenting too much but I am having too much fun looking at all your name lists and such.

God Bless
Mel (Tristans_Isolde)

Miss Laurie said...

Mel (Tristans_Isolde),
Thanks so much for following Name Enthusiast and for your lovely comments!

I too have loved names and made many lists of my favorites since I was about 9 years old. Some of my favorite styles of names are Irish, Welsh and Scottish. I love learning about how the Gaelic spellings are pronounced and how the letters sound together! I have two Irish name books and one Scottish name book that I've read many times!

Please come back often, I don't have very many followers on this blog and I love comments! :)

~Miss Laurie
Name Enthusiast