Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What Would You Name Your Child? - Letter C

The votes for letter C so far are:
Bridget with 4 votes
Benjamin with 7 votes

The question is: Which of these names starting with the Letter C would you actually consider naming your son or daughter?

I had to put more voting options this time because I love C names!

Polls: Happy voting!

Letter C - What would you name your daughter?
Charity free polls 

Letter C - What would you name your son?
Corbin free polls 

-Which name did you choose in each poll?
-Why did you choose those names? (e.i. do you like it best? does it honor someone?)
-Are there any other names starting with A that you'd be more likely to use for a real child?


Miss Laurie said...

I love Catherine but I voted for Claire because it's close to Clara which I'd actually use. I like Claire as a middle name (as in Emma Claire).

I voted for Colin, it's my father's name and I'm quite in love with it right now.

Ella said...

I love those names!
And the picture above is cute:)

Melody said...

I had a very hard time deciding between Catherine and Charity. I am not sure yet, but I voted for Catherine. It's such a classic name, and although very well-known and much-used, it doesn't seem to be used for children as much of late, and Charity seems a bit more popular. Although Charity is more original so I might have gone for that in the end. I don't know....
But if it was Catherine, it would be Catherine. Not Kate, not Cathy, etc.
If I married someone with the last name Morland or Moreland.....;D

Hey, you should do last names, too. They're quite interesting. :) You could even do 'which of these names do you like the best with your first name?' Tehe.

I voted for Connor. I actually like that name. :) But I prefer Conner.

P.S. In the question at the end you put 'A' instead of 'C'. You copied and pasted, didn't you? I have found you out! haha. ;-)

Hayden said...

I voted for surprise, as I love that name and it's the name of the main character in the novel I just finished. :) For guys, I've always planned on naming one of my sons Charles (If, you know, my husband agrees :) I do also like Colin, though. Mainly because it reminds me of The Secret Garden :)