Monday, October 24, 2011

What Would You Name Your Child? - Letter B

This Looks exactly like my cat Gunther when he was a kitten

The votes for letter A so far are:
Amelia with 5 votes
Andrew with 4 votes

The question is: Which of these names starting with the Letter B would you actually consider naming your son or daughter?

Polls: Happy voting!

Letter B - What would you name your daughter?
Brooke free polls 

Letter B - What would you name your son?
Bryce free polls 

-Which name did you choose in each poll?
-Why did you choose those names? (e.i. do you like it best? does it honor someone?)
-Are there any other names starting with A that you'd be more likely to use for a real child?


Miss Laurie said...

Beatrice for a girl. I'd definitely name my daughter Beatrice because it's so lovely and it's a family name for me. I'd be more likely to use Beatrice as a middle name.

I'm not big on B names for boys but most of these are okay, I think I'd be more likely to use Brody or Batholomew but I voted for the later. Bartholomew is a nice sturdy Biblical name and I like the nickname "Ollie" with it.

Melody said...

I voted Bethany and Benjamin. Bethany is becoming a little too popular though, and I'd probably want something more original than Benjamin.

I'll go check out the A's...

Soy Celeste said...

Hola, a mi me gusta mucho estudiar los nombres, su origen, su significado. Elegí el nombre de mis hijos luego de estudiar muchos nombres y también los elegí por su sonoridad. Estoy feliz con los dos nombres que tengo. Y es bueno saber que a ti también te gusta el tema. Dios te bendiga. Un abrazo.

Miss Laurie said...

Gracias Celeste de soja! Espero que vuelva a visitarnos a menudo!