Sunday, November 27, 2011

What Would You Name Your Child? - Letter D

Fluffy Cuteness!

The votes for letter C so far are:
Catherine with 4 votes
Caleb with 5 votes

Also the votes for the surname polls are at present:
Hamilton & Sullivan both with 4 votes

The question is: Which of these names starting with the Letter D would you actually consider naming your son or daughter?

Polls: Happy voting!

Letter D - What would you name your daughter?
Danika free polls 

Letter D - What would you name your son?
Dustin free polls 

-Which name did you choose in each poll?
-Why did you choose those names? (e.i. do you like it best? does it honor someone?)
-Are there any other names starting with D that you'd be more likely to use for a real child?


Miss Laurie said...

I'm not a huge fan of D names but I do like a few.
I voted for Dorothy for girls. I've cared for several older ladies named Dorothy and I like the nickname Dora or Dorie.

I like D names for boys a bit better. My grandfather's name is Douglas and David is my dad's middle name so I've considered using both as a middle names. But as a first name I like Declan best I think.

Can't wait to hear all of your favorites!

Melody said...

I don't really like any of the D's for girls...

For D's, Donovan I suppose. =)

larkin said...

I don't like many D names for girls, but I adore them for boys.

I chose Delaney for a girl, but I didn't like any of them very much. Delaney is cute, but overly trendy. I would consider Dorothy as a middle name because it's my grandma's name.

For boys, it's a hard decision between Daniel, Douglas, and Donovan. I chose Daniel because I would love to call my little boy Dan or Danny.

Thanks for these polls - I really enjoy them!


Elizabeth said...

wow! I've hit on a really great blog! Thanks Miss Laurie for posting these! I'm so glad I can add your blog button to my blog! :) keep up the name game! I love it!

~Miss Elizabeth

Gina said...

I couldnt choose a girl d name. I really didnt care for any of them. Wow i cant think of one d name for a girl i like. Thats weird. Ooh oh i forgot I do like Druscilla. She'd go by Dru.

Gina said...

I forgot to add I chose Demeterius for the boy name. I love that. I love Latin based names esp. Ones that end in -ius. The namea Drake has really grown on me the last few years for a boys name. It would be Drake Gregory. Gregory is a family name and an amazing middle name IMO