Sunday, October 9, 2011

What Would You Name Your Child? - Letter A

I wanted to try something different so I'm putting two polls in this post for you to vote in and comment on. I'll hopefully be working my way through the alphabet so be on the lookout for more posts like this!

The question is: Which of these names starting with the Letter A would you actually consider naming your son or daughter?

Polls: Happy voting!

Letter A - What would you name your daughter?
 Aurora free polls 

Letter A - What would you name your son?
Addison free polls 

-Which name did you choose in each poll?
-Why did you choose those names? (e.i. do you like it best? does it honor someone?)
-Are there any other names starting with A that you'd be more likely to use for a real child?

Your Resident Name Enthusiast,
Miss Laurie :)


Miss Laurie said...

For a daughter right now I'd choose Adelaide because I just got done reading about a heroine with that name and I'm quite entranced by it at the moment!

For a boy I'd choose Aidan because it's my favorite boys name beginning with A. I like it because of the meaning 'fiery' and because it's Irish.

I don't like many names starting with A for boys but I do like quite a few for girls. Amy is one of my all time favorites, also Arabella, Anne and Anna.

Melody said...

I voted for Adelaide and Anthony. Adelaide sounds so old-fashioned and feminine. =)

I like quite a few A girl names...I can't remember them right now (I'd have to look at my list, which is at home) but one of my favorite names is Arietta. I also like the meaning ~ it's similar to my own.

Melody said...

Oh! Name enthusiast! I have another question for you...what you said about Aidan reminded me.

Could you give me a few girl and boy names that are Irish and would have been used 200 years ago? That would be very helpful, if you don't mind. And whenever you get around to it; it's nothing at all urgent.

Melody said...

Oh, and--do you mind if I ask what you were reading with a heroine named Adelaide? I remember one book I read some fo recently with that name for the name character (and I remember liking it, :) )

Oh dear, this is my 3rd comment! Well, maybe that will make up for other people NOT commenting? haha just kidding!

Miss Laurie said...

Thank you for your superfluous amount of comments!

Adelaide Sullivan in the heroine of 'The Lightkeeper's Daughter' and her character just made me love the name even more.

I'll look up the Irish name thing and send you an e-mail. 200 years ago (if I'm thinking correctly) they wouldn't have used Gaelic names in Ireland for various political reasons.

Melody said...

You're quite welcome! =)

I'm almost sorty to tell you this, but it's actually Adeline Sullivan.
There was a girl named Adelaide in another book I started reading.

Melody said...

By the bye, it looks like I've lead the way for followers of this blog! You've gotten 5 since me! ;-) (And it wasn't all that long ago)