Wednesday, September 28, 2011

This or That Game - English Nicknames

With all my posts about English nicknames I decided it would be lovely to give my readers a chance to talk about which nicknames you like best for each name. 

I chose the names that had the most nickname options. Copy the lists and tell me which nickname you like best for each (if you like more than one that's okay too). I'll try and post my favorites too.  

Girls Nicknames

  • Anne - Annie, Nan, Nannie or Nancy?
  • Barbara - Babs, Barbie or Bobbi?
  • Brigid - Biddy or Birdie?
  • Caroline - Caro or Carrie?
  • Catherine - Cat, Cathy, Kate, Kathy, Katie, Kit or Kitty?
  • Charlotte - Charley or Lottie?
  • Dolores - Dolly or Lola?
  • Dorothy - Dodie, Dodo, Dolly, Dorie, Dot or Dottie?
  • Eleanor - Ella, Ellie, Lena or Nora?
  • Elizabeth - Bess, Beth, Betsy, Betty, Eliza, Leeza, Libby, Liz, Liza, Lizzie or Tibby?
  • Ellen - Nell, Nellie or Ellie?
  • Esther - Essie or Ettie?
  • Felicity - Fliss or Lissie?
  • Florence - Flo, Flora, Florrie or Flossie?
  • Frances - Fanny, Frankie or Frannie?
  • Georgina - Georgie or Gina?
  • Henrietta - Etta, Hettie or Hetty?
  • Isabella - Bella, Belle, Izzy, Nib or Nibbie?
  • Jane - Janie, Janet or Jenny?
  • Josephine - Jo, Jodie, Josie or Posy?
  • Julia - Jewel, Julie or Juley?
  • Margaret - Daisy Maggie, Margery, Meg, Meggie, Peg or Peggy?
  • Maria - Mari, Marie or Mary?
  • Mary - Maidie, Maisie, May, Minnie, Molly or Polly?
  • Matilda - Maud, Mattie, Matty, Tilda or Tilly?
  • Philippa - Phil, Pip, Pippa or Pippi?
  • Sarah - Sadie, Sally or Saro?
  • Sophia - Sophie, Sophy
  • Susan - Sue, Sukey, Sukie or Susie?
  • Teresa - Tess, Tessa, Tessie or Terry?

Boys Nicknames

  • Albert - Al, Bert or Bertie?
  • Alexander - Alec, Alex, Lex or Xander?
  • Andrew - Andy, Dandy or Drew?
  • Charles - Charlie, Chaz, Chip or Chuck?
  • Christopher - Chris, Christie or Kit?
  • David - Dakin, Dave, Davey or Dawkin?
  • Edward - Ed, Eddie, Ned, Ted or Ward?
  • Francis - Francie, Frank, Frankie or Frankin?
  • Frederick - Fred, Freddy or Fritz?
  • Geoffrey - Geffrin, Jeff or Jepp?
  • Gilbert - Gib, Gibbin, Gibby or Gil?
  • Harold - Hal or Harry?
  • Henry - Hal, Hank, Hankin, Harry or Hawkin?
  • James - Jaime, Jake, Jem, Jim or Jimmy?
  • John - Jack, Jankin, Jenkin, Jock, Johncock or Johnny?
  • Joseph - Joe, Joey or Josey?
  • Laurence - Larkin, Larry or Laurie?
  • Michael - Mick, Mickey, Mike or Mikey?
  • Nicholas - Cole, Nick or Nicky?
  • Oliver - Noll or Ollie?
  • Philip - Phil, Philkin, Pip or Pippin?
  • Richard - Dick, Dickin, Hick, Rich or Rick?
  • Robert - Bob, Bobby, Dob, Hob, Hobkin, Nob, Rabbie, Rob, Robin, Robbie or Robby?
  • Roger - Dodge, Hodge, Nodge or Rodge?
  • Simon - Sy, Sim or Simkin?
  • Theodore - Dorie, Ned, Ted, Teddy or Theo?
  • Walter - Wally, Walt or Watkin?
  • William - Bill, Billy, Liam, Wilk, Wilkin, Will, Willie, Wills or Willy?

Which nicknames do you like and why? 
Are there any of these names that you think don't need a nickname? or names that definitely need a nickname?

Your Resident Name Enthusiast,
Miss Laurie :)


Miss Laurie said...

Girls Nicknames

Anne - Annie (or maybe Nancy, it's such a pretty name it really doesn't need a nickname)
Barbara - Babs (but prefer no nickname)
Brigid - Biddy
Caroline - Caro
Catherine - Kate (I know it's popular but I like it or Cate)
Charlotte - Lottie
Dolores - Dolly
Dorothy - Dolly, Dorie or Dottie (not sure, I like them all pretty well)
Eleanor - Lena (I adore this name and it doesn't really need a nickname but I do like Lena which is a family name for me.)
Elizabeth - Eliza, Libby, Lizzie (like them all equally)
Ellen - Ellie (my great-gram calls my aunt this, Ellie is also common in Ireland as nickname for Ellen.)
Esther - Essie
Felicity - Fliss
Florence - Flossie (if it were a first name it would definitely need a nickname I think.)
Frances - Fanny (I like this best even though "Fanny" is used as slang now, I wish it wasn't!)
Georgina - Georgie
Henrietta - Etta
Isabella - Bella
Jane - Jenny (but Jane definitely doesn't need a nickname!)
Josephine - Josie (a girl on suggested Posy as a nickname and I rather like it too)
Julia - Juley (but doesn't need a nickname)
Margaret - Maggie, Meg or Peggy (I like all of these quite well, but it doesn't need a nickname.)
Maria - Mari (but doesn't need a nickname.)
Mary - Polly (but I don't think it needs a nickname, it's so pretty!)
Matilda - Tilly
Philippa - Pippa (I like Pippa better than Philippa actually, so cute!)
Sarah - Sally (but I adore Sadie as a separate first name.)
Sophia - Sophy (like Mrs. Croft in Persuasion!)
Susan - Susie (but I like Sukey too.)
Teresa - Tess (I don't really like Teresa so I'd always use a nickname.)

Boys Nicknames

Albert - Bertie (like the British royals!)
Alexander - Alec or Xander (Alec is Scottish so love it!)
Andrew - Andy (my brother's name.)
Charles - Charlie or Chip
Christopher - Kit (but it doesn't need a nickname.)
David - Davey
Edward - Ned (I'd use a nickname definitely.)
Francis - Frank
Frederick - Fred (but doesn't need a nickname.)
Geoffrey - Jeff (probably Geoff)
Gilbert - Gibby
Harold - Harry (I don't like Harold but with a nickname it's okay.)
Henry - Harry (but doesn't need a nickname!)
James - Jaime or Jem
John - Jack
Joseph - Joe
Laurence - Laurie (this is my grandpa's name and I'm named after him.)
Michael - Mickey (but my family nickname is Mike.)
Nicholas - Cole (but doesn't need a nickname.)
Oliver - Ollie
Philip - Pip
Richard - Dick or Rick (definitely needs a nickname.)
Robert - Rabbie or Robbie
Roger - Rodge (but doesn't need a nickname.)
Simon - Sim (but I adore it without a nickname.)
Theodore - Teddy
Walter - Walt
William - Liam or Will (but doesn't need a nickname)

Melody said...

Girls Nicknames

Anne - I really like just Anne!
Barbara - Barbie
Brigid - Biddy
Caroline - Carrie
Catherine - Kate, Cathy, Kitty (Kitty is so fun. haha)
Charlotte - Lottie (Charley sounds too much like a boy.)
Dolores - Dolly
Dorothy - Dodie, Dodo, Dolly, Dorie, Dot or Dottie?
Eleanor - Ella or Ellie, but really I like Eleanor much better.
Elizabeth - Beth, Betsy, Betty, Lizzy
Ellen - None?
Esther - None...
Felicity - Lissie (Like the American girl! :))
Florence - Flora
Frances - Fanny
Georgina - none
Henrietta - Etta, Hetty
Isabella - Izzy
Jane - Jenny (It rather annoys me how Mr. Rochester occasional calls Jane Eyre "Janet"...haha)
Josephine - Jo, Josie
Julia - Juley
Margaret - Maggie, Meg
Maria - Mari, Marie or Mary?
Mary - Molly
Matilda - Matty, Tilly
Philippa - Pippa
Sarah - Sally
Sophia - Sophy
Susan - Susie
Teresa - Tess,

Boys Nicknames

Albert - none
Alexander - Alec, Alex
Andrew - Andy
Charles - Charlie
Christopher - Chris, Kit
David - Dave
Edward - Ed
Francis - Frank
Frederick - Fred (although I much prefer Frederick)
Geoffrey - Geffrin, Jeff or Jepp?
Gilbert - none. haha
Harold - Harry
Henry - Hank
James - Jim, Jem
John - Jack
Joseph - Joe
Laurence - Laurie (haha...)
Michael - Mick, Mike
Nicholas - Nick
Oliver - Ollie
Philip - Phil, (Pip is kind of funny...:) )
Richard - Dick, Rick
Robert - Rob
Roger - none
Simon - Sim (I guess)
Theodore - Ted, Teddy (I'm a little biased on those ones...;-) )
Walter - none
William - Will, Willy

Mel said...


Anne - Annie (but I prefer just Anne)
Barbara - Oh dear! none of them :)
Brigid - Biddy (like the character in Great Expectations)
Caroline - Carrie
Catherine - Kitty (I love it)
Charlotte - Lottie
Dolores - Dolly
Dorothy - Dolly (really anything but Dodo)
Eleanor -Lena
Elizabeth - Bess or Lizzie (I really like Bessie)
Ellen - Ellie?
Esther - Essie (Always loved Essie)
Felicity - Fliss (because Lissie is what my entire family calls me and I suppose it would seem weird to use)
Florence - Flo
Frances - Frankie
Georgina - Georgie
Henrietta - Etta
Isabella - Bella, Belle or Izzy (I loke them all)
Jane - Janie I suppose but it is nice on its own.
Josephine - Jodie or Josie
Julia - its nice on its own
Margaret - Meg, Meggie or Peggy (I like them all)
Maria - Marie
Mary - It really doesn't need one but I love Molly as a first name.
Matilda - Tilly?
Philippa - Pippa
Sarah - Sadie (I really like Sadie, I actually prefer it over Sarah)
Sophia - Neither, Sophia is so beautiful on it's own.
Susan - Susie
Teresa - Tess


Albert - Bertie (so sweet)
Alexander - Xander (I adore this nickname)
Andrew - Andy
Charles - Charlie
Christopher - Kit (I really like this one because its not as common)
David - Davey
Edward - Eddie, Ned or Ted
Francis - Frank
Frederick - Fred
Geoffrey - Jeff
Gilbert - Gil
Harold - Harry (but I'd rather use Harry as a first name I don't really like Harold)
Henry - Harry (though I like Henry by itself)
James - Jaime or Jimmy.
John - Jack (I'd rather use Jack than John though)
Joseph - Joey
Laurence - Laurie
Michael - Mike or Mikey?
Nicholas - Nick or Nicky?
Oliver - Ollie?
Philip - I think Philip is so nice without a nickname
Richard - Rick?
Robert - Rob, Robbie or Robby?
Roger - It's fine alone
Simon - Sy
Theodore - Teddy (I love Teddy as a nickname)
Walter - Walt
William - Will or Willie

MademoiselleChristine said...

Anne-Just Anne (it is a family name and my middle name), but spelled without an "e".

Barbara-I do not like this name so I probably would not use it.

Brigid-Probably Biddy like Great Expectations!

Caroline-I have always liked the name Cara for a nickname for Caroline.

Catherine-Just Catherine, like the Duchess of Cambridge! :)

Charlotte-Lotte (pronounced "lottah", the German way).

Dolores-Probably Dolores, so romantic and exotic.

Dorothy-No nickname, I know a really nice lady named Dorothy and the name reminds me of her.

Eleanor or Elinor-Preferably the latter spelling.

Elisabeth-The German spelling and call her Sissi (pronounced ZeeZee), because I already have a niece named Elisabeth.


Esther-No nickname.

Felicity-My American Girl!

Florence-No nickname.


Georgina-No nickname, though I prefer Georgiana, like Mr. Darcy's sister! ;)

Henrietta-No nickname.


Jane-My gramma's name is Janet, so possibly that.


Julia-No nickname.

Margaret-No nickname, another family name and a definite favorite of mine.

Maria-No nickname and pronounced Mah-RYE-uh.

Mary- No nickname.



Sarah-No nickname.

Sophia-Perhaps Sophy, but probably no nickname because Sophia is so pretty.

Susan-No nickname.

Teresa-Tessa, because my Aunt Theresa is nicknamed Terri.

I don't have time to go through all the boys' names!
Maybe later. :)