Sunday, September 4, 2011

Strange Victorian Names!

I just found this delightful Horrible Histories video about Names In Victorian times. Some of these names are horrid but they were actually given in Victorian times! A great laugh!

Horrible Histories Victorian Names

Just wow!

Miss Laurie :)


Mel said...

Hahahahaha! I loved this, goodness me "Scary Looker" hehe thats pure genius there! And dear me I didn't think the name "Princess" could get any worse...well "Princess Cheese" tops it right off!
Thanks so much for sharing this!

Mel :)

Mel said...

Also just to let you know I awarded you and this blog with the Liebster Blog Award. Congratulations! :)


Melody said...

Ahaha lovely. My friend was showing me some of these a few months ago.

Sometimes I think these people must look really hard to find all these weird names though. Like, probably there weren't very many named that. Another one I saw had a similar thing in it with Puritan names.

You know, Happy actually isn't very odd though. Compare it to Felicity. ;-)
Actually, I read a book once about a cat named Happy. I liked that book. :) But it's a good name for a cat. ha

Jo Schaffer said...

One of my fave skits!

Jo Schaffer said...

One of my fave skits. (=

Donnie CLOUD said...

Really funny , thanks for sharing ! PEACE&LOVE <3 x