Thursday, July 28, 2011

Guess The Name

I've been watching this older British mystery series where the main detective Inspector Morse won't ever say his first name because he doesn't like it. Well it came down to the last few episodes and he finally gives a clue to what his first name is. I thought it was so neat I wanted to share it with you and see if any of my readers could figure out what his first name is.

His Clue: 
Inspector Morse loves crossword puzzles so he gave the clue to his name in the form of a crossword puzzle clue: "My whole life's effort has revolved around -eve-. 9 letters."

Name Associations: 
His mother was from a Quaker background and his father loved reading about the explorer Captain James Cook. 

This might be tricky but all the information is there if you care to try and figure it out. If there's interest shown then I'll post the answer!

Your Resident Name Enthusiast,
Miss Laurie :)

Edited August 12, 2011: Since no one hazarded a guess I decided to post the answer here. His first name was Endeavour which is a Virtue name that Quakers sometimes used and Captain James Cook's ship was called The Endeavour. Spelled the British way with the extra "u" in it makes 9 letters. I thought the clues were rather clever when you remember that the word effort is often used synonymously with the word endeavor


Anonymous said...

Thank you, would not have got that one.

Alan F. said...

Are you American? We Brits knew this a long time ago! Talk of dropping letters and American spelling, I notice from old 'Ironside' repeats that the end credits use the word 'Harbour' instead of 'Harbor' and Law and Order end credits use the word 'Theatre' insted of 'Theater'. Any ideas?