Sunday, July 10, 2011

Two Sibsets of Interest

I just loved this photo of a sweet girl with darling curly pigtails! 

Now just a few sibsets that I hear while watching the old British TV show "Nanny". Time period is the 1930's.

Frederick & Dorinda "Dolly" Sackville have:
  • Artemis
  • Dorothy "Dottie" (mother says "It's an ugly name but daddy chose it so we just have to live with it, don't we Dottie?")
  • Emerald (sometimes "Em")
  • Sophia "Nancy" (pronounced so-FYE-uh, always called "Nancy" except when her father is in the room)
  • Caroline "Caro" (always called Caro except by her grandmother)
  • Peregrine George Alexander Gordon (only boy and since he's a baby they just call him "Boy")

Robert & Olivia Lamerton have:
  • James "Jaime" (always called Jaime)
  • Lalage "Lally" (pronounced LA-luh-gee, her brother calls her "Lally" LAL-ee)

I'm absolutely delighted to find this charming old-fashioned families and their wonderful names!

With the first sibset the mother introduces her children to the Nanny with explanations on which names she chose and which names her husband chose. I now love the name Artemis! I'd never heard it before and actually I would never have guessed it was a girl's name. It is rather lovely! And I do love "Caro" as a nickname for Caroline and the way they pronounce Sophia has always interested me (Maria is often pronounced mah-RYE-uh as well). The boy's long extravagant name is also interesting!

I've always like Jaime on a boy and as a nickname for James or Jamison is best. I've never heard Lalage pronounced that way before and I thought it was very interesting! Also I like the nickname "Lally", it's similar to "Lollie" which is what my dad calls me sometimes for fun.

What do you think of the names individually?
What do you think of the names when used for siblings?
Would you pronounce these names differently than they did in this particular program?

Your resident name enthusiast,
Miss Laurie :)  

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Mel said...

Oh I am so sorry I forgot to post a comment on this post. I remember reading it a little while ago but I just didn't have the time to comment.

I love these sibsets, particularly because they both have some rather unique names and some more common ones.
Artemis is so nice- although I think I would like it as a boys name better.
Emerald is so unusual but I actually really like it and Em is such a cute nickname.
I love Sophia but I think its becoming a little too common.
I love Jaime. When I was 8 years old I told my family that my first child would be called Jaime whether it was a boy or a girl. I don't feel the same now but I still love the name.
I really enjoyed this post!