Sunday, March 13, 2011

Random Lovely Names

Here's a few names I've encountered today. 

I met a beautiful Christian young lady and her husband from France today, her name is Virginie. I've seen the name before but never met anyone with this name. I think it's lovely and I really like the sound! It's pronounced veer-jeh-nee. Any suggestions for middle names for Virgine? The girl pictured above looks a little like Virginie that's why I posted it. 

I also heard this morning sibling set on the radio today. Their last name McClellan:
Sophia (g)
Maria (g) [pronounced mah-ry-uh like Mariah]
Asher (b)

I really like their names with the last name, especially Asher McClellan. I don't really like Asher in general but I love this!

What do you think of these names?



larkin said...

Virginie is pretty, but it sounds a little strange somehow. I adore Sophia - it's so elegant and yet fun. Maria is okay... and I love Asher! It's one of the more modern-sounding Biblical names.

I love all your posts, Laurie! Keep it up!

In Christ,

Miss Laurie said...

Yes, I'm not sure if Virginie would work very well here in the USA. Most people would probably have a hard time pronouncing it, at least several people at church today had a hard time pronouncing Virginie's name today.
Thanks for your sweet comment Larkin!

~Miss Laurie :)

Tristans_Isolde said...

I am not sure what I think of Virginie but I love the name Sophia it is sooo pretty and I ABSOLUTELY love Asher probably because it's my puppy's name, however it's spelt Ashar. Its an unusual name here in Australia and everyone comments on what a lovely name he has, which is great because I believe names are so important!

love this blog, God Bless
Mel (Tristans_Isolde)