Saturday, June 11, 2011

This or That Game

I love these little girls with their curls, their cute dresses and their ice cream!

This or that with combos and surnames I've used recently in various name games recently. I've enjoyed using different name combinations and especially Irish and Scottish names.

A few of these names I've really been liking lately, but some I just used in the game because they fit with the other family members names. And I'm always interested in surnames and their origins. I pray that my future husband has an interesting surname like one of these!

Girls Combos:
Primrose Helena or Morag Devorgille?
Zinnia Nicoline or Iris Sylvia?
Athena Violet or Ayelet Janessa?
Dervla Queenie or Orla Bronte?
Tawny Mariel or Cateline Nora?
Raffaela Clemence or Saskia Ingrid?
Finola Elspeth or Nicola Avril?
Aileas Kirstin or Maisie Eilidh (eye-lee)?
Saorla Lynette (sare-lah) or S├Čneag Rhosyn (sheh-nayd)?

Boys Combos:
Sholto Taliesin or Reeve Alaric?
Walter Gareth "Walt" or Kentigern Gerald "Kent"?
Seamus Emmett or Stewart Jocelyn?
Quinlan Oxford or Rainer Ethanjames?
Beckham Dermot or Beckett Ridley?
Eoin Douglas or Hamish Alasdair?
Joachim Reuel or Willoughby Zeke "Will"?
Meallan Winston (mell-awn) or Baolach Nigel (bay-lock)?
Eachin Bruce or Lachlan Wilber?
Struan Oswald or Iain Jennings?

Farquhar or McFadden?
Mallon or Midwinter?
McCracken or McKinney?
Cavendish or Kinnaird?
Upchurch or Ashford?
O'Byrne or Hughes?
Merchant or Gosselin?

Which do you like? Why?
Are there any of these names you'd seriously consider using for a future child?

Your Resident Name Enthusiast,
Miss Laurie :)


Mel said...

I pray my future husband has a great surname too! :)

Girls Combos:
- Primrose Helena (so pretty)
- Iris Sylvia (Lately I have been loving Iris!)
- Athena Violet (Love the sound)
- Orla Bronte (this one is great!)
- Cateline Nora
- Saskia Ingrid (I once heard a girl called Saskia and I thought it was so pretty and interesting)
- Finola Elspeth (I'm really liking Elspeth)
- Alieas Kirstin (this one was hard I like them both equally)
- Saorla Lynette (both are so pretty but I just love Saorla)

Boys Combos:
- Sholto Taliesin (I love the sound!)
- Kentigern Gerald (I'm not that fond of the name Walter so I went for this one :))
- Seamus Emmett
- Quinlan Oxford (these two were really hard to choose between because I really like both, I like Quinlan for the first name but I love Ethanjames as a second name.)
- Beckett Ridley
- Eoin Douglas (love Eoin)
- Willoughby Zeke (LOVE IT! both these names are on my favourite boy's name list)
- Meallan Winston (this one is so interesting)
- Eachin Bruce
- Iain Jennings

- McFadden (I think this last name is so nice!)
- Midwinter (I sounds so poetic!)
- McKinney (love the sound)
- ohh this ones hard I really like them both! I think I will go with Kinnaird
- O'Byrne (such a great last name)
- hmm, maybe Merchant

I would definitely consider Willoughby Zeke as a name for a future child.

Loved this post, thanks for posting it!

ps. I bought another baby name book the other day! I have been reading it almost like I would a novel- it's so fun! I think perhaps you are the only person I know that would understand that :)

pps. sorry for the extremely long comment

Miss Laurie said...

Mel, thank you for this lovely long post! I really enjoyed reading your comments on the names!
Isn't Ethanjames so interesting? I'd never seen this before and I just really liked it (I'm not big on Rainer either, don't remember why I chose that name in the game). I've seen many girls names mixed together but not many boys names like this.

What is the title of your new namebook? I have a few namebooks that I've definitely read as if they were novels, or at least like a non-fiction/history book. Name books really are like biographies of different names! Many of my namebooks have check marks next to my favorite names, some books are very well used & abused! Hope you continue to enjoy! :)

~Miss Laurie

Mel said...

I had never heard of Ethanjames before you posted this, I put it straight on my list of favourite boys names (which is so short compared with the girls).

The book it called 21st Century Babies' Names by Jacqueline Harrod. I picked it up at a secondhand sale for AUS $1, such a bargain! I also borrowed another one from the library (I asked my mum to borrow it because I didn't want the lady at the front counter asking me questions or looking at me weird) that one was "The Name Book" by Dorothy Astoria. It is the best one I have ever come across it has bible verses to go with every name its so lovely!