Monday, June 6, 2011

An Interesting Name & Some Questions

Today at a graduation party I met the cutest little girl!

She was about two years old, with pale blue eyes, and her curly blond hair was tied in a pompom like pony tail on the top of her head.

She has the cutest smile and within a very little time this social butterfly had everyone in the room wrapped around her little finger!

I had a delightful time playing cards with her (using Skip-bo or UNO cards) and getting her to learn colors, numbers and to count with me. Her mommy must be teaching her because she already knows how to count to 8 and can name the colors "geen" (green) and "boo" (blue). I taught her the color purple and she knows the color "lellow" (yellow) but we didn't have any yellow cards.

And this little girl's name was the most interesting, unique and suited her rather well. 
Her name is: 
Rain Amethyst

I've never met anyone named Rain before and I've never really liked the name but it fit her perfectly.

I do like Amethyst as a name and have liked it since I first read The Ordinary Princess by M.M. Kaye. In that fairy tale book all seven of the king and queen's daughters are golden haired beauties with gemstone names, except the last daughter Princess Amethyst who is ordinary looking with mouse brown hair and so they call her just plain "Amy". One of my favorite quotes comes from this book as well.

I've loved the name Amy for a long time, not only because of this book and this quote but also it's a family name that I'd really like to use one day for my daughter. 

I think I would have liked her name more if it had been switched around, Amethyst Rain instead. But almost any name would have been made adorable just by being associated with this sweet little girl! 

I've found that over the years my opinions of names have often changed (sometimes drastically) based on people I meet who have a certain name. For example, I wasn't too keen on the name Margaux until I met a cute little girl with that name and now I really like it. I might have to do a post about some of those names...that's an idea! 

Questions for you:
  1. What do you think of the name Rain Amethyst
  2. Do you think Amethyst Rain would have been better? Do you like the names?
  3. Have you ever started liking a name after meeting someone you really like who had that name? 
  4. Have you ever stopped liking a name because you met someone you didn't like who had that name?


Tristans_Isolde said...

1. I think its quite beautiful, its unique without being something that you would get teased for

2. I have a teddy bear with the name Amethyst Rain (it's sisters name is Violet Moon *laughs*)! I always gave my teddies names. I think Amethyst Rain is lovely name!

3. Definitely!

4. I don't think I have ever stopped liking a name. I supose because I dont often meet people with the names I particularly like.

OldFashionedCharm said...

Charity U commented by e-mail:

Miss Laurie,

Just read your newest post on Name Enthusiast and found it very interesting. Since my computer wouldn't let me comment (all my computer's fault, not your blog's), I'm emailing my comment. :)

I personally like Rain Amethyst better than Amethyst Rain. I'm not sure why...hmmm. I haven't heard the name "Rain" before either, but it's rather pretty!

And I have definitely stopped and started liking various names because of meeting people by those names! Very interesting. :)

Okay, that's all.

Charity U :)


Thanks for your comment Charity!
Rain is pretty. I've seen it spelled several names (Raine, Rayne, Rayn, Rane, Rain) but never met anyone with this name.

Praying your time away goes well!

God Bless,
Miss Laurie :)