Sunday, February 6, 2011

Another Reworking - Complete


Last night I changed some of the combos and their rankings. These names are listen in order of my favorites and I've added info for each combo.


  • Eleanor Sally - Amy has been my favorite for a long time but now whenever I think about my firstborn daughter I think of the name Eleanor. I've taken the plunge and listed it first on my list and changed the middle name from Mary (my great-grandmother's name) to Sally which honors my grandmother. The flow might be a little off but I really love this combo! 
  • Amy Irene - I know the flow of this combo is a little off, I don't usually like vowels together but these both honor family members. 
  • Julia Mary - I just adore the sweet sound of this combo isn't it just darling? Mary honors my great-grandmother and I love how the two names are old-fashioned yet timeless.
  • Lena Beatrice - Lena honors my great-great-grandmother and Beatrice honors her daughter. I used to have Elena Beatrice on my list but I love Lena so much more and don't want to use it just as a nickname. 
  • Lydia Pearl - just two sweet names that I've always loved.
  • Sadie Arabella - I adore Sadie and Arabella and am not sure they work together but Arabella is more interesting than Elizabeth.
  • Clara Adelaide - Clara is a name that recently my mom and I have both said we love. Adelaide is so sweet and I think the names sound nice together.
  • Emma Claire - this is a combo I have loved for a long time. Claire is not my favorite but I think it goes very well with sweet Emma. 
  • Jane Sophia - I love Jane to honor my dear Jane Austen and Sophia has really grown on me recently. In an attempt to name to three name combos I changed this from sweet Jane Sophia Elinor. 
  • Evangeline Mercy - I love Evangeline and the different sound it adds to my list. Mercy is a family name that I love and I like how these two virtue names fit together. I'd use the nicknames Eve, Eva or even Evie - love them all!

  • Edmund Laurence - I've liked Edmund for a while now but recently after seeing a photo of a baby named Edmund I fell in love with the name all over again! I've also realized recently that Laurence is a name I really want to use because it honors my grandfather who I was named after. I love how handsome and old-fashioned this combos it!
  • Simon Henry - two names that honors family. I love how it flows.
  • Nathaniel Welcome - I love both names and they honor ancestors on my family tree. Welcome is a bit odd but it's also such a great name.
  • Ciaran Michael - I used to have this at the top of my list but I'm not sure I'll actually use it. Because Michael is my surname I'd really like to use it even though this it's popular.
  • Colin Stone - My dad's name mixed with my grandmother's maiden name which was also a surname on my family tree. I like the way this combo flows. Colin really belongs to my brother because it's his name too so he'll get to use it first. 
  • Ian Matthias - I love both names equally but thought having Ian first flowed better.
  • Jack Kenneth - Kenneth honors several family members in both of my parents families including my grandfather, great-grandfather, two uncles and a great uncle. It's growing on me and I actually like it with Jack.
  • Silas Jasper - I just love both of these names and they sound nice together.
  • Gideon Levi - I love Gideon and wanted Levi on the list. 
  • William Ezra - William is a family name. I don't think I'd actually use this but it's a nice combo to bring my list to 10. 

What do you think? 

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