Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Evangeline is from English origin and means "good news" from Greek ευ "good" and αγγελμα (angelma) "news, message". It was perhaps first used by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow in his epic poem 'Evangeline' (1847).

"Fairest of all the maids was Evangeline, Benedict's daughter! "

Other famous names sakes are Evangeline Cory Booth, daughter of William and Catherine Booth founders of The Salvation Army. She was the youngest of their 8 children and a great missionary in her own right.
There's also actress Evangeline Lily who stars as Kate Austen on the TV show Lost.

Salvation Army missionary Evangeline Cory Booth

“It’s not your circumstances that make or break your day. It’s your attitude!” - Evangeline Lily

Actress Kelly Macdonald as Evangeline

I first really started liking this name after I saw the movie Nanny McPhee and the image of the young maid Evangeline. (This movie also included other great names such as Simon, Sebastian, Lily, Christianna, Agatha "Aggie" and Adelaide.)
This was also the first time I hear the name pronounced ee-van-jah-leen instead of ee-van-jah-line and I infinitely prefer it.

So I added it to my favorites and have grouped it with names such as Mercy, Phoebe, Phebe, Mary, Ophelia, Clara and Adelaide.
My current favorite Evangeline combos are Evangeline Mercy and Phoebe Evangeline.

Though I don't think I'd ever use Evangeline I think it's a very elegant name with that charming old-fashioned touch.

What are your thoughts on Evangeline? What nicknames do you prefer? What middle names? Do you know anyone with this name? Have you ever considered using it yourself?

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