Monday, February 22, 2016

Boys Name: Silas

Probably a short form of Silvanus, an Ancient Roman name derived from Latin silva meaning "wood, forest". Silvanus was the Roman god of forests. Silas is the name of a companion of Saint Paul in the New Testament. Paul refers to him as Silvanus in his epistles, though it is possible that Silas was in fact a Greek form of the Hebrew name Saul (that means "asked for" or "prayed for"). As an English name Silas was not used until after the Protestant Reformation. It was utilized by George Eliot for the title character in her novel 'Silas Marner' (1861). - Quoted from Behind The Name entry

 Silas has never been hugely popular but has gained some popularity in recent years, ranking #137 in the USA.

I've always liked Silas, it is similar in sound to Simon, another favorite of mine. I like to pair it with other Biblical names such as Silas Gideon, Silas Benjamin, Silas Micaiah or Silas Andrew.

What do you think of the name Silas?

Do you know anyone with this name?

What other names would you pair it with?

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