Tuesday, June 16, 2009

You might be a name geek if....

Well, you know how to complete the sentence.

  • ...You know the origins of the names "Jeff" and "Foxworthy"
  • ...You`ve read so many BA`s you can recognize every baby or small child in your town
  • ...You have several restraining orders beause you`ve asked complete strangers about their names.
  • ...You write to your favourite celebrity asking him about his favourite names.
  • ...You`re devestated when said celebrity replies with "I`ve never really thought about it.
  • ...You also wrote him explaining how odd it was his name meaning didn`t apply to him at all.
  • ...Foreign exchange students never have to repeat their names to you.
  • ...You have a firm grounding in Greek, Latin and Gaelic.
  • ...You have gotten detention/fired for calling a classmate`s/coworker`s favourite name "trendy".
  • ...The only jokes you know are ones about people named Ben Dover and Jenny Taylor.
  • ...Your favourite comedian once told a joke about the meaning of her name. But you know she got it wrong.
  • ...Your idea of a slam is "Yo momma so old her name is Amabel" or "You so poor, your name was originally a surname!"
  • ...You`d hitchhike to Nebraska just to meet Cleveland Evans.
  • ...You know that Cleveland Evans is not the black guy from Family Guy.
  • ...You read movie credits just to find new and interesting names.
  • ...Your first response to hearing a name is "I love the meaning".
  • ...You read obituaries of people you don't know just to find old-fashioned names.
  • ...Names like Belphoebe and Solomon are guilty pleasures of yours.
  • ...You have a list of your top 50 favorite combos for boys and girls.
  • ...If you name the children in ads and posters and at the park and mall.
  • ...If you have a favourite and least favourite name for every letter of the alphabet.
  • ...You give your pets middle names (perhaps even more than one).
  • ...When you first meet someone, you wonder what his or her middle name is.
  • ...Even if you didn't enjoy a movie, book, television show, etc., you couldn't help but appreciate it somewhat if you really liked the characters' names.
  • ...If you keep renaming yourself cuz you just can't choose the perfect name.
  • ...If your favorite-names list exceeds 320 names.
  • ...If your friends give the look even when you make a simple casual comment on a name.
  • ...If you give all your teachers (and others) additional names that you think fit them better than the ones they have.
  • ...If you take ages just to choose a name for a character.
  • ...If you cringe when you hear someone say their daughter is named Madison or their son is named Jaden.
  • ...If you tell people what their name means when they introduce themselves (as if they care).
  • ..If you have ever shown your friends a list of some names you like and they haven't heard of any of them.
  • ...If your significant other has ever has ever awoken you with a text message asking the meaning and origin of a name.
  • ...If you actually find the obituaries more interesting than the birth announcements just because of the names.
  • ...If you have a method of testing the accuracy of baby name books.
  • ...If you don't actually own any of the books because you can't find any that have passed your test.
  • ...If you had a dream that involved name etymology.

All of these come from the Name Game board at BtN. Most of these I'm guilty of! :)

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