Sunday, January 11, 2009

Descisions, descisions - boys combos

  • Jack Tristan - changed from Jack Michael Auguste. I like Tristan a lot but not sure I want it as a first name.
  • Crispin - I liked Crispin Lee because Crispin is related to my mom's maiden name and Lee is my mom's middle name. I've also been thinking about Crispin Lucius or Crispin Evander but I can't quite decide.
  • Titus - I had Titus Andrew but I think I want to change it, perhaps to Titus Roman.
  • Cianan - I love this name's closeness to Ciaran (my fave) but I'm trying to decide between Cianan Matthew, Cianan Bryce or Cianan Stuart.
  • Micah - I love Micah's closeness to Michael and I love J middle name with M first names. I've been considering Micah Jubal but I think I'll go with Micah Joel.
  • Elias - trying to find a good middle name. I used to love Elias Henry but I'm not too sure. I've been thinking of Elias Griffin or Elias Matthew but they're not spectacular.
  • Soren - I love this name but can't find just the right middle name. I've been considering Soren Finley, Soren Gunther and Soren Dominic.
  • Tobias - I've been thinking of several various middle names: Tobias Clement, Tobias Daniel, Tobias Ewan and Tobias Einion. I think Tobias Ewan is very nice but not quite sure, I'd like a name of the same kind.
  • Skander - I've liked this the first time I heard it on the actor Skandar Keynes who played Edmund in Narnia. I like Skander Edmund or Skander William but I'm also thinking about Skander Amadeus, Skander Dominic, Skander Thomas or Skander Willem.
  • Ian - I love this but I'm trying to decide between Ian Thomas, Ian Theodore, Ian Tavish, or Ian Carmichael.
  • Cillian - I like this but I'm not sure if I like Killian better or not. I guess Cillian is best. I've been considering a wide varriety of middle names including Cillian Alastair, Cillian Bruce, Cillian Rhys, Cillian Trace, Cillian Tadhg, and Cillian Finley.
  • Griffin - Griffin Bennett or Griffin Bryce. I think I need more middle name options, I'm not liking this. Brody also needs some middle name options, perhaps Ronan.

I'm also trying to decide if I like Gareth Einion or Einion Gareth better.

These I've already decided on:
Asa Benjamin
Sinjon Tertius
Corin Bertrand
Ira David
Phineas Ebenezer


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